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(NEW 6.0) Get the Shark Mount with Rhotano by Day

Updated for Endwalker Patch 6.0

This is a guide on how to get the Shark Mount with the "Rhotano by Day" Ocean fishing route. This mount is an achievement for getting 10,000 points in a single Ocean Fishing voyage. While you are able to get 10,000 points with just about every route, this is by far the easiest for newcomers.

Guide in video form (for Level 80 or below)

What to know ahead of time
• The Rhotano Sea by Day route is commonly known as the "Shark Route" due to the large number of sharks available to catch on this route. It's also used for the "What Did Sharks Do to You?" Achievement, which gives the "Shark Hunter" title.
• This route's three stops are Galadion Bay at Sunset, The Southern Straight of Merlthor at Night and the Rhotano Sea during the day.
• It is recommended that you have Double Hook and Identical Cast unlocked, Prize Catch and Triple Hook help tremendously if you are over level 80.
•While the higher your level the easier it is to get the shark mount, it is not a hard requirement. I've seen shark mounts achieved as long as the mid 40's. The higher you go, the less you rely on luck.
• Large-sized fish are WORTH DOUBLE POINTS (this is why Prize Catch can be clutch, as it guarentees* large-sized fish!)
• It is also recommended that you have Hi-Cordials. These can be purchased with White Scrip from any scrip vendor for 20 White Scrip each. They are under the Level 50 items "other" section.
• You do not need three Spectral Current to get this mount, generally two will be good enough. One if you're really lucky. If you can get a spectral in the first or third zone, you have a good chance.


🌟Goals for each zone🌟
🌅 Galadion Bay at Sunset
Plump Worm to catch Spectral Megalodon

Funnel Shark (!!! bite)
Quicksilver Blade (!! bite)

Funnel Shark is the only !!! bite in the spectral current. These are the fish you want to catch. If you get a !!! bite, hit Double Hook, Identical cast, drink a Hi-Cordial, then cast out again and Double Hook again. This will net you 8 Funnel Shark. They are worth 213pts (426ea if HQ) each.
*NEW*If you're over level 80 use Prize Catch before the second Double Hook. If you have Angler's Art Stacks, use Thaliak's Favor to regen GP to use Triple Hook. Triple Hook gives 7 (SEVEN!) Funnel Sharks.

If you feel that you won't get Funnel Sharks, and instead get Quicksilver Blades, you can catch one, use Identical Cast, then cast out again and use Double Hook for 3 Quicksilver Blades. They are also worth 213 pts (426pts if HQ) each. like above, you can use Prize Catch if you have it, and Triple Hook for even more points.

🌙 The Southern Straight of Merlthor at Night
Krill to catch Spectral Discus

Aetheric Seadragon (!! bite, mooched off Hi-aetherlouse, ! bite)

This is a low point zone for this route. As soon as the Spectral Current pops, hit Patience II. Catch everything you can using Precision Hookset (! bites) and Powerful Hookset (!! / !!! Hooksets). If you get a Hi-aetherlouse, mooch it! You have a chance to catch Aetheric Seadragon for 245 pts (490pts if HQ) each.

☀️ Rhotano Sea during the Day.
Plump Worm to catch Spectral Bass

Executioner (!!! bite)
Sweeper (!! bite)

Rhotano Sea works exactly like Galadion Bay's spectral current. You want to aim to catch Executioners, the only !!! bite. If you get a !!! bite, hit Double Hook, Identical cast, drink a Hi-Cordial, then cast out again and Double Hook again. This will net you 8 Executioners. They are worth 216pts (432pts if HQ) each. If you feel that you won't get Executioners, and instead get Sweeper, you can catch one, use Identical Cast, then cast out again and use Double Hook for 3 Sweepers. They are also worth 216pts (432pts if HQ).

*NEW* Much like the first zone with Funnel Sharks, you can use the same Double Hook > Identical Cast > (chug a hi-cordial/use Thaliak's Favor) > Prize Catch > Triple Hook strategy to land even more Executioners/Sweepers instead of just Double Hook > Identical Cast > Double Hook.

In the creation of this guide, in a single trip with three spectral currents the final score was 18,814 points.

Hope this helps! (Hopefully) More guides to come based on the other fishing routes! Happy Fishing!
Comments (2)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

18 THOUSAND points? :O

Either they made ocean fishing MUCH easier than when it first came out, or that voyage IS truly easier than the others.

Back in the day with that achievement first appeared, it was hell to get above 10,000 points in one voyage and took MUCH RNG luck.

Now sadly, like everything else in the game anymore it seems nowadays, SE makes it FAR easier to get stuff. :(

Fruity Snacks

Malboro [Crystal]

It's a bit more forgiving to get higher point runs. I wouldn't say easier, though.
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