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Joe's Stream, 10/12/2019

Well, I can do lat pull-downs now, as well as standing chest presses. How?:

By simply looping my barbell - that was also collecting dust - through the handles. Necessity is the mother of invention! I also, against my better judgement, did "lite" versions of the workouts I did previously, just a few reps of each one, enough for a slight burn, just to make it more worth the trip from my 3rd floor apartment all the way to my parking garage.

ATTN: WoW refugees (found this when image hunting. I liked it immediately)

Woke up two hours early for some reason, and couldn't get back to sleep. I hate it when I do this, as I know that my stream is going to be cut short by two hours. So what do I do? Stream 2 hours early to compensate, probably leaving anyone who often catches the late parts of my stream wondering where I am. Sorry, guys. :(>

So, for today's session, I did the same thing today that I did the past 2 days, farming gatherer's scrip. And this time, I'm finally finished, got the folklore books for mining and botany and everything. And after all that, I worked on some more of the carpenter/leatherworker/weaver Crystarium deliveries, eventually doing the level 73 and level 75 quests.

And so now, other than me maybe working on upgrading my gathering gear some more and/or doing more GC turn-ins and/or Crystarium Deliveries I'm approaching a crossroads:

I also discovered another text-based game maker program - like the old Quest program I tried to use when I first wanted to try my hand at game design - called Twine. This time, however, the program actually clicked with me. I loved it immediately. I even managed to create a quick game (such as it is), something I couldn't even get close to doing on any of the other programs I tried, despite their advertisements saying otherwise ("Learn to make a game in only 20 minutes!"-type stuff. Right!). On the downside though, my OBS doesn't recognize this program, making it unstreamable. So what I'll probably end up doing since I still want to keep working on this (I typically don't mess with games that I can't stream), is just make a quickie game, and then just add it to my blogs, but we'll see down the road.

And the vinyls I spun this time around were:

Ween - God Ween Satan
Alice Cooper - Love it to Death
Devo - Oh, no! It's Devo!
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Richard Pryor - it something I said?
Fanny - Self-Titled Debut

Alrighty, time to call it a night. Thanks for reading/watching, and have yourselves a good day/night. ;)>

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Old records and yet more scrip farming. Probably craft stuff afterwards. Super early stream!
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