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Joe's Movie Reviews/FF XIV Stream, 10/13/2019

Pink Floyd called and said they wanted their flying pig back lol.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog post, for the first time I saw Super Size Me, a movie about a guy who decides to eat at McDonald's three times a day for a month, and tracks his progress the entire time.

Eye-opening stuff! Good thing I haven't ate at a McDonald's in at least five years. :O>

And this morning I also watched Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! as well. Comedian George Carlin actually foresaw all of this! (He talked about this back in the 90s in his Brain Droppings book I think, long before any of the Super Size Me movies came out). It's what kept coming to mind as I was watching this.

And as for the session today, it was mostly GC turn-ins - or technically, just one this time - and working on the Crystarium deliveries. I only have the level 80 one for weaver/leatherworker/carpenter now, and I think I'm on the level 76 one for blacksmither/armorer/goldsmith. And my weaver class is just a hair trigger away from 80, and all my other classes save armorer (level 78) are at 79. So, almost there!

And it seems there's good news and bad news with Twine: Good news, I can stream this program now. Just simply use it on my web browser, and not use the offline version of it. Bad news: I can't share my games (clicking my game link just takes you to the Twine homepage) because. . . . . . easiest way I can explain it: It's like a caveman trying to explain nuclear fission to Forrest Gump, it doesn't really work. So . . . . . I don't know now. I'll have to figure something out as I like this program too much to give it up, but if noone else can see my work then this just feels like an exercise in futility.

And here's the LP records I played today:

Bruce Springsteen - The River
Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
Rickie Lee Jones - Self-Titled Debut
Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
Turk Murphy - Barrelhouse Jazz

Okay, gonna call it a night. Thanks for reading/watching, and have a wonderful day/night. ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
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Vinyls, GC Turn-ins, and probably more gear upgrading.
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