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Joe's D.O.S. 2/FF XIV Weekend, 1/20/2020


Played some Divinity: Original Sin 2 this evening. And I made it off the boat, getting the "good ending" after rescuing everyone. After that, it was mostly "mobster mode", stealing stuff then either stashing them away or trading with them in shops, hoping to make some money.

But it seems the camera has cut off a lot more than just your tongue lol.


Played Divinity: Original Sin 2 once again, and had to start over (this time choosing a fighter, but I'll probably start over once again, since I couldn't quite get the character right), since it's tough to play when you're only allowed one save file in hardcore mode (an almost too awesome mode in this game). I also learned that moving objects around is important in this game, as you can uncover hidden stuff or put on pressure plates to unlock doors. You can also do an "area search" in this game as well, which makes searching for stuff a lot easier. A good session overall today!

Oh, and I did a quick rant on cheatshaming last night as well, since me and Skullsalad were on the subject of Diablo 2, a game I used cheats on (or specifically, a hero editor).


I did a brief morning workout which mostly consisted of incline push-ups and chest dips, but as my biceps, especially my right bicep, was still sore I didn't do any "incline" cable crossovers.

Did a "split stream" today, starting with Final Fantasy XIV, where I worked on my sammy, running the Fairy beast tribe quests and most of the hunts. I also did a leveling roulette as well, with a tank that, despite us wiping twice and having to wait on a DCing healer, still pulls big anyway. -_- But in the end, he reached level 77. Almost there!

After that was all done, I switched over to Divinity: Original Sin 2, where I started over again, and again doing hardcore mode. This time I didn't even get to Fort Joy. Instead, I found a hidden grave and dug it up, only to find a zombie that killed me in 2 hits. *sigh*

So I created yet another character. But this time, I shifted the difficulty down to "classic" since, as much as I love playing hardcore (permadeath w/ only one save file available. Enemies have more stats & abilities as well), dying when I've hardly started the game isn't exactly my idea of a good time either. :/>

And I had a bit of convo with Skullsalad about why I love stealing stuff as a rogue. Long story short, because I can, and in most games you can't (rogues are usually nothing more than one-third of the
"tired old trinity", as I call it). So, kinda hard to turn down the opportunity.

But otherwise, that's it for the weekend. Thanks for watching/reading, and have yourselves a good day/night. ;)>

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