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Joe's Tuesday Stweem, 8/4/2020

A real good Final Fantasy XIV stream today, and it was all healing. Running the usual hunts & Pixie quests. Didn't run any roulettes though, as I'm still trying to figure healing out, and didn't want to run the risk of getting a tank that does:

No patience for that. But I did do a trust dungeon up to the first boss (Holminster Switch for the umpteenth time -_- ), so that helped a bit. I mostly played my astrologician, but this class just didn't jibe with me all that well, so I switched to my white mage instead, and the result:

Holy spam, Batman! Definitely looks like white mage has more DPS potential than my scholar, which seems was nerfed for Shadowbringers (I think they only have like 3 basic DPS moves now, like astrologician. White mage has 4 I think, and 2 of them - Holy and Assize - have extra utility). So, looks like I'll be leveling white mage now. :D>

Oh, and I did lots and lots of FATE running as well, and eventually I got:

And white_wimmin came by! Haven't seen him in a while. Good to see him. Like me, he'll listen to damn near anything, fuck the mainstream! Hope he comes around more often.

More non-game related stuff:
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And a successful 22-hour fast today. Yes!

I also got a workout in just before I broke my fast, but it wasn't that effective, due to me doing it right after I woke up. Workouts are most effective at the end of your fast, just before you break it, as your body will more readily use whatever nutrients you consume afterwards (protein in this case). Problem with that is that at the end of my fast I'm just getting up, and need to stream in about 30-60 minutes, so it doesn't give me much to work with, weightlifting-wise.

And later on after my stream I did cheat a bit, having:


And the Reese's Pumpkins are a big time delicacy of mine, so it'll probably be my junk food of choice until they no longer get them in.

But after those, it would be the good stuff, the usual banana, can of chunk chicken breast, and a couple hard-boiled eggs. And I'm gonna try for another 22-hour fast on Wednesday. Let's hope I can pull it off.

And the LP vinyls I played today were:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
The Roger Wagner Chorale - Gregorian Chants
Waylon Jennings - Ol' Waylon
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian

Okey Dokey. Callin' it a night <Take care.>, and you all have a great night/day. ;)>

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