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Joe's Guild Wars 2 Weekend, 9/8 - 9/9


This morning I created a necromancer character, which is pretty much a combination of summoner and dark knight (at max level they can wield greatswords), as well as getting a passive movement speed bonus around level 11-12, a requirement for any class I want to play (I hate base movement speed. It's why ninja and monk are my favorite classes in FF XIV). But after practicing with it a bit in PvP I wasn't a fan. The necromancer class:

• Centers around a mechanic called "Death Shroud". Basically, certain attacks build this meter up, after which you cast the Shroud ability, causing the meter to deplete and giving you different attacks. And I didn't see a way to sustain the meter for very long (15-20 seconds). So basically, this mechanic works kinda like the machinist's Wildfire or the ninja's Trick Attack, having to pack in as much DPS as you can before the Shroud wears off, after which you just do busy work until the meter is filled up again. Not a very fun mechanic to me.

• Also does a lot of buff/debuff manipulation as well, transferring his own to his allies/enemies, or taking on the debuffs of others unto himself, which can increase his own damage/healing. Interesting mechanic, but not enough to make want to play this class for very long.

• And like all necros in video games, you can summon minions as well. Don't care for this much, preferring to run solo. The hunter has a pet, but makes up for it by being more fun to play than necromancer.

And for the evening Guild Wars 2 stream I spent some time on my thief, just working on map exploration, and after a while.....

I decided to try out the mesmer class, which are the illusionists of GW2, creating clones of themselves, as well as being able to detonate (aka Shatter) those clones for various effects. Like usual, I took it for a test run in the PvP lobby (in PvP, you're automatically at max level, and have access to all abilities and specializations). And the verdict:

My build is a dual-wielding sword build, although I've yet to add a ranged aspect. But the big one with me though, is that all of his abilities have short cooldowns, a huge plus! That means I might actually use all of them (Other classes I play, most of their abilities just sit there and collect dust, since they're "Too awesome to use")!

But after a couple hours in I ended up abandoning the stream, as I couldn't stay awake, due to apparently bad sleep, despite me getting 6-7 hours this time. :/>

And here's the vinyls I played today:

Saturday Night Fever - Movie Soundtrack
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
Prince - Dirty Mind


This morning I played my mesmer, leveling up his crafting classes, and just by that alone - remember, leveling crafting levels your character up as well - I eventually got level 32ish. I also added a greatsword, which gives me ranged attacks (?!). No other game I can think of has this, where a caster class can wield a brute force warrior weapon and use it for ranged magic attacks, and big ol' tank classes that can use magic staves to heal and shield allies. What a game this is!

But anyway, after I was all done with crafting I got him all set up with the usual range/melee hybrid, and I went and did some map exploration. And after all that:

Looks like another keeper! The only two drawbacks I can think of:

• No permanent movement speed bonus. That is to say, you get a 5 second one every 10 seconds, so I'm forced to kill pretty much everything in my path (I have an item enchantment that gives me a 10-second speed buff after every kill), just to keep the speed up.

• And two:....

And like I've been doing recently, I played FF XIV off-stream, just long enough to do the hunts & Pixie quests on my astro, and calling it good after that. That way, I can just do a full Guild Wars 2 stream, and not have to split it.

And for my Guild Wars 2 session it was all mesmer this time, working on completing the Queensdale map. I also bought a bass and drum via microtransaction. You can play music in this game, just like the bard can in FF XIV (although there's a slight input lag with it though)! This game continues to surprise me. Now all they need to do is import FF XIV's crafting system. Maybe then I might even unsub lol (doubt it would happen though)!

But anyway, for the records I played this evening, they were:

Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Ivan Rebroff (Russian opera music)
John F. Kennedy, The Memorial Album

Okay, nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care.>, all. And have yourselves a good day/night. ;)>

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