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Joe's Streamsies, 9/15 - 9/16


Last night, I fired up my necromancer again, leveling up his crafting skills to where he'll be able to equip level 60 gear. And as a result, he is now level 40. So, a nice head start. :)>

But unfortunately I find its playstyle not much fun. Too caster-heavy, even with melee weapons. At max level (80 in this game), they have access to a new spec called a "reaper", which is a melee-based spec that can wield a greatsword. It's just a matter of getting there, which sours me on playing this class further. There's better options out there.

And I also played my warrior some as well, doing some questing in the new zone, as well as advancing in the storyline a bit, and I'll probably keep on that come this evening.

For the Guild Wars 2 stream this evening I was initially going to play my warrior, but I found an item that gives a big boost to movement speed. But unfortunately it costs a lot (not surprisingly). So my goal became to get my thief's leatherworking discipline high enough to be able to make it, which I did. Come to find out that all the mats used to make it is about as expensive. *sigh* Oh well. At least I can make level 75 leather gear now. :)>

But after all that, I went ahead and leveled up my warrior's crafting skills, as he was starting to outlevel what he can make (I prefer to make all my own gear). Having gotten that fixed up, I continued on the level 40 questline. And I think I'm at the level 50 one now, but as it's taking me to a whole different zone, I backed off and went back to the one that I'm still working on (can't remember the name), since I don't like loose ends.

And the LP records I played this evening were:

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery & Imagination
Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get
Frank Zappa - We're Only in it for the Money
Alice Cooper - Love it to Death


A pretty sucky Pinball session this morning. Just couldn't get anything going, which is probably why I haven't streamed any Pinball in a while. Been on a real cold streak lately, one single time yesterday notwithstanding.

I also played some FF XIV this morning as well, doing the typical hunts & Pixie quests on my gunbreaker, getting that taken care of so I can do a full Guild Wars 2 session this evening.

And also this morning, I created a revenant character and tested it out in PvP. Seems to be kinda like the dark knight and astro in FF XIV, being a mixture of the other core classes, doing a bit of all of them. I'll have to do some actual open-world content with him first to find out how he actually performs (can only learn so much from PvP dummies).

This part of the blog post was hastily done, as I went overlong on my stream, not allowing me any time for much else.

This evening's Guild Wars 2 session went pretty good. It was all revenant, my new class, and it was all crafting, eventually leveling him up to 27ish (unlike other games, leveling crafting levels up your character as well). I still need to put some finishing touches on him before he's "world ready" though. That Ic an work on tomorrow.

The vinyls I played this session were:

Buddy Rich - Big Band (sides 2 & 3, as sides 1 & 4 - why they arrange records like this, I don't know - were missing when I bought this)
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones
Rush - Caress of Steel
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All

Aaaaaalrighty then. Gotta go get ready for work. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. And catch you all on the flipside. ;)>

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Joe, do you fight any of the world bosses yet?

I did the Shadow Behemoth for the daily quests today and my God; I had forgotten how HUGE and scary that thing is. Seriously, it makes FF14 hunt creatures look like tiny babies. ;p That behemoth just TOWERS over you and is all claws and fangs. LOL

Also helped with an elite quest which spawned a super Elite purple Executioner afterwards in the lower level human zones. It was quite a surprise and ungodly difficult to kill. We failed. :(

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

I've done a few Toxic Spider Queens, as well as that one that constantly charges from point A to point B. I've done more I think, but they weren't memorable (I'm still in the low level zones, FWIW). But on the other hand, yeah. The ones in this game are more challenging then the ones in FF XIV, except Eureka ones.
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