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Joe's Busy Weekend, 10/3 - 10/5


I don't plan on stopping streaming any time soon, but boy I sure feel like this at times!

Another dead Guild Wars 2 session this evening, at least on paper (my chat was showing I had 7 people on my stream at once, but my "official results" only showed one :/>). Not sure on that, but I have a feeling I might have to do another stream "self-eval" video in the near future.

Otherwise, I continued working on my crafting, eventually maxing out my chef discipline. After that, I did some event running in Heart of Thorns expansion content, eventually unlocking the "updrafts" glider perk (you can use updrafts to boost up your altitude. Presumably you can also access high places that you couldn't go to beforehand). Yes!

And the LP records I played this time around were:

Heart - Little Queen
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
The Roger Wagner Chorale - Gregorian Chants
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (side one)


A pretty good Guild Wars 2 session today. Like yesterday, it was all crafting with my warrior, this time trying to create a group support build, hoping to do some more group content eventually.

And Keitaro87 came on! Yaaay for regulars! It's been pretty dead here the past few days without them. Buut anyway, we just talked about Pinball for a while. Always a good subject!

And I just discovered yet another good thing about this game: You can't inspect other players' gear. A very awesome feature, as it means it'll be one less reason why I died or we all wiped. They all can't just point to my gear and go:

Sorry for all the memes. This kinda hit a sore spot with me

It would also mean that they'd be unable to kick me right at the start of a dungeon because of my gear (happened a fair amount in World of Warcraft). They'd be forced to bring me along so I can get my clear. So, another good bonus.

If only I'd have known this from the outset I probably wouldn't have bought so much gems & gold (most of my gold went to crafting mats so I can make the best gear I can make, mostly to avoid the above).

Here's the vinyl records I played today:

Mr. Bungle - Self-Titled Debut
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality


This morning off-stream I once again played some FF XIV, leveling my 79 gunbreaker. And well, whaddya know!

So now, I'll probably work on my dark knight next. :D>

And a pretty good Guild Wars 2 stream today. I started with finishing up making my "Commander's" gear set, which is:

A set designed around group support, and I'm also using a warhorn in the off-hand slot as well, which gives various party buffs. Basically, my warrior sorta-kinda plays like an astrologician now lol (without the cards).

After that, I just started running various dungeons and "fractals" (non-storyline related dungeons, with adjustable difficulties). And one thing I noticed about the groups in this game: MY GOD they are quick to kick! It's like World of Warcraft all over again, where it's "When in doubt, kick em' out." Although to be fair these dungeons are far harder than FF XIV's corridor-styled dungeons, with traps and jumping puzzles and such. And that's just on the early dungeons/fractals. God knows what's up ahead. I don't condone being kicked (It's my first time doing these, C'mon!), but I do understand it. I actually made a chat macro for whenever I fall behind that says:

By the time I find you guys you'll have killed the final boss. /leaveparty

I'd rather get out before I get kicked out. Hell, if not for the fact that you can't inspect other players' gear (see above) I'd probably never even get past the front door lol.

And as for the records I played this session, they were:

Ween - God Ween Satan
Prince - Self-Titled 2nd Album
Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker
Stan Freberg - Best Of

Aaaaallrighty, time to call it a nighty. <Take care.> and thanks for reading/watching, and have yourselves a great night/day. ;)>

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