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Joe's Weekend, 10/31 - 11/2


Keitaro87 was the star of this session today. I started doing my usual Guild Wars 2 stuff, crafting & dailies. But as today is Halloween, he came up with a great idea: Play some Halloween Pinball tables.

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So I just did that for the rest of the session, and we all had a good time. Good call, Keitaro87!

And here's the few vinyl 33rpms I played today before I played Pinball:

Ted Nugent - Self-Titled Solo Debut
The Black Watch (Scottish bagpipe & marching band music), Side One


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Another good Guild Wars 2 session today. Like usual, I started off by crafting daily stuff. Then I started working on my dailies. And like always, robean helped me out in this, knowing exactly where to go and stuff (she's been playing since 2012, so she's quite versed in this stuff lol).

And I made a big goof as well. We ran with someone named "Candy Honey". I'm like, "PORN STAR!". Robyn ended up telling me that he's a Vietnamese translator, and they've known each other for years. <Oops!> Sorry about that, Robyn.

But after that, we took down another world boss, and it was like the entire population of Guild Wars 2 was there, as my game was lagging, big time. :O>

And after that was done, I just played keep-up with her, while she was helping me unlock more mastery - which are Guild Wars 2's equivalent of aether currents - points (used to unlock various perks in the game, like auto-loot and increased movement speed in cities). So, a good fun session overall today. :)>

And here's the vinyl records that I played this evening:

The Black Watch (Scottish bagpipe & marching band music)
Parliament - The Mothership Connection
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Heart - Dreamboat Annie


As I had called in last night (bum right shoulder and lower back), I went ahead and did some FF XIV this morning. And like usual, I ran with my dark knight, doing retainer ventures and the Pixie beast tribe quests, when HO HOOOO!

I FINALLY got him to level 80! And subsequently,.....

My tanks are all at 80 now. And as a kind of celebration, I decided to run an expert roulette with my warrior, my favorite tank.

And on top of that I got,.....

So, today's the day for achievements lol.

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Late stream today, as I overslept. Alarm went off, turned it off, and then "I'll just lay here for a few minutes....." <Oops!>

But otherwise, it was a good session. I did my usual daily crafting, after that I hit my dailies. And about this time, robean suggested that we do what are called "bounties" which are Guild Wars 2's version of rank A/S hunts. Another great time doing these, despite all the dying I was doing. And oh!.......

A word on how open-world content works in Guild Wars 2:
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• Unlike FF XIV, all of your healing/buff abilities affect ALL players around you, not just your party members (some of FF XIV's abilities you have can do this, but not very many, and I think they're only single-target abilities).

• Like FF XIV, you can resurrect any player you come across, without it having to be a party member.

• Also like FF XIV, you only need to get in one single hit on a monster - even if it's only 1 point of damage - in order to get credit for the kill. Runescape was horrible about this, giving kill credit to whoever dealt the most damage to it, really fucking over the low-leveled guys that don't do much damage.

• Like FF XIV, there is level-scaling in this game, but unlike FF XIV, and this is a big one with me, your skills aren't locked out if you're in a zone that's a lower level than the level required to unlock them, ie. In FF XIV terms you can still use your level 80 abilities if you're in a level 1 zone. BIIIIIIG-time feature here!

But once all of that was over, robean suggested I try getting a "skimmer" mount, which is basically a manta ray that hovers over the ground, making travel easier, especially over water (moves faster over water). But actually, I decided to make a video about the mounts I have. Hope you likey:

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But after I got my skimmer, I just shut down for the night so I can work on this blog post.

And the LPs that I played this session were:

Chicago Transit Authority (aka Chicago) - Self-Titled Debut
Jethro Tull - Benefit
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
Tom Waits - Small Change

Aaaaalrighty, time to call it a night. <Take care.>, guys. And have a great night/day. ;)>

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