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Joe's Twednesday stuff, 11/17 - 11/18


This morning I did a short FF XIV session. I did my usual ventures and squadron stuff. After that, I checked out The Firmament, but couldn't get up the gumption to craft stuff. I also accidentally unlocked The Diadem while I was there as well. Might be something that I'd look into in the future. But around this time my expert queue popped, so.......

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A series of replays.

Another good session today. In Guild Wars 2, I made my first ever ascended (called "epic" in other MMOs) weapon, a rifle for my engineer. But otherwise, the rest of the time was spent doing my crafting and open-world dailies before switching on over to Fantasy Strike.....

.....where I actually did okay (see videos above). I even won a couple! So, it seems I'm on to something here. Just gotta keep practicing.

And here's the vinyl records I played today:

Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks - Polka Time! / Greatest Hits
Jethro Tull - This Was
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton


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A pretty bad Pinball FX3 but a very good Pinball Arcade session this morning. I didn't beat any high scores in Pinball Arcade, but I got in the top 5 on most of them. This is the kind of session I wish I'd get more often, but hardly do. :(>

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A pretty meh session overall today. In Guild Wars 2 I did my usual, running crafting and open-world dailies. And after that, I went and played some Fantasy Strike. But this time I didn't do any online matches. Instead, I just practiced with Argagarg (I just say "Argle Gargle", as it's easier for me to pronounce), and doing solo matches against a character named "Onimaru", Fantasy Strike's version of Wan-Fu (of Samurai Showdown fame), who wields a huge sword with a lot of range. Basically a home run slugger playstyle.

When playing online yesterday, this character was the one I was having the most problems with, since he's got such long range and can defeat me in just 3-4 hits. No luck defeating him, so I'm definitely a bit bummed (it's part of the "growth" process, but still,......) about it. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. :/>

And the LPs I played today were:

Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing
Kraftwerk - Autobahn

And aaalrighty. Have to get ready for work. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. <Take care.> and happy trails! ;)>

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