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Joe's Thursday/Friday Stuff, 12/3 - 12/4


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A pretty good time in Guild Wars 2. I did my usual mat crafting, and my open-world dailies went nice and smooth. The kind of days I wish I'd get more often.

And after that was all done, I played some Fantasy Strike, practicing with Quince for a bit. I even did a couple of online matches. I won one, but I beat a guy who kept using the same move over and over so, not quite a glorious victory. Second match however, my ass was handed to me by a guy who actually did know what he was doing, so things are balanced out once again (sorry if this doesn't make any sense).

Checked out the gem store, seeing what emotes/glamours are for sale (unlike most other games, there's only a limited selection, and it changes every day). And I came across this emote, which is cool as hell! I lift weights IRL, so this is defintely a keeper:

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Definitely playing Rook more. And as you'd probably expect Rook is a "grappler" character, just like Zangief off of Street Fighter. His MO is getting in close and doing various spinning pile drivers on his opponent. Basically, he tries to win rounds by using as few moves as possible. And like I did for my other characters, I also watched some replay videos of others using Rook, seeing how the pros do it, before shutting down for the night.

And here's the records I played today:

Rush - 2112
The Clash - Self-Titled Debut
Motorhead - Overkill


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Short stream today, due to poor sleep. Got home from work late, stayed up late, and had dream/nightmare-plagued sleep. Needless to say, after a couple of hours I had to pack it in, since I was starting to nod off and needed a nap.

But for the session it was all Guild Wars 2. Wasn't even gonna try doing Fantasy Strike, as you pretty much needed to be focused in order to play that game. Kinda hard to do that when I'm trying to stay awake. But anyway, I did my usual mat crafting, and then did my open-world dailies. And I also did a couple daily dungeons as well, which went surprisingly well (EVERYBODY was fucking up doing these, not just me). Third one however, I had to bail 2/3 of the way in, since I got stuck while everyone else was off to the races (plus, I think the last boss of that dungeon was practically a raid boss, with multiple phases, and lots of bullet hell going on. Not something I have a lot of time for, especially on a work night). So I just shut er' down for the night.

The LP vinyl I played this time around were:

Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
Buddy Rich - Big Band
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

Okey dokey! Nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care.> and thanks for watching/reading. And have yourselves a great night/day. ;)>

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