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Joe's Thriday Goings-On, 6/24 - 6/25


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Pretty drab Rivals of Aether session this evening. Short one too. I started by trying out a new character, an earth-based rhino fighter who hurls rocks and causes stone pillars to rise up. Wasn't working out though. So I ended up going back to my polar bear character. Otherwise, I did most of the modes but ended up cutting the session short since I was starting to nod off pretty hard because, COVID vaccine. Occasional pain in the temples and right arm as well.

Oh, and as I've been doing I played a bit of vinyl as well, this time being:

Redd Foxx - At Home
Tomita - Snowflakes are Dancing


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This was an aborted commentary vid I did a few days ago (I ran out of time, as I had to start getting ready for work).

Called in sick from work last night, due to the aftereffects of the COVID vaccine. During yesterday's stream I suddenly became dead to the world, as well as occasionally getting pains in my temples and right arm. Ouchies!

This morning I tried to play some Melty Blood again (see Tuesday's stream), but had to uninstall and get a refund, as there's this whole song & dance that I have to do in order for my controller to work in that game, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it over and over. I also tried to play some Pinball as well, but I was pretty much ass (and the fact that I'm basically playing these while half-asleep doesn't help matters any either). So much for that.

And this evening's session went belly up. I was on for about 30-45 minutes, although I should've just not bothered. Still getting the side effects of the COVID vaccine, this time shortly after the stream started.

So it looks like I might have to call in sick from work again tonight, but we'll see....

Buuuut anyway, <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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