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Joe's Tuednesday Doings, 6/29 - 6/30

Monday Night/Tuesday

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So, I playtested a game called Rushdown Revolt, a Brawlhalla-like platform fighting game. Not a real big fan. Two big reasons: One, no CPU battles or watching other players' replays, meaning I HAVE to play the game, as dumb as it might sound (I often like to just sit back and spectate) and no Iron Man mode (beat your opponent as many times as possible in a set time limit). I won't uninstall the game, but I'm putting the game "on the shelf" until a future update allows both of them. Otherwise, I capped off the session by playing some Pinball FX3 for a little while.

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A pretty good Dragonball FighterZ session this evening. I mostly did story mode. And eventually it became a team management game as well, since your fighters' health doesn't restore to full after every battle (health restores quicker when being kept in reserve FWIW). So I'm having to rotate team members in and out as their health gets low.

And, as controversial as it might sound, I wish there was a way to buy in-game currency with real $$$ so I can buy more in-game music tracks. As a deja vu from Rivals of Aether, the background music is actually listenable. But it's also very repetitive. So I'll probably end up playing vinyl at some point in the future unless I can figure something out. :/>

Tuesday Night/Wednesday

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So, last night I played a game called King of Fighters XIII for the first time. Definitely not a fan. Too clunky. And they have you doing advanced stuff as part of a basic tutorial as well, which isn't right (stuff like that needs it's own "minigame", like a trial or challenge mode). So I broke off of that and did my weekly Pinball session, but I was complete ass. I lasted maybe 30 minutes then I just called it off, figuring it'd be better to quit than to rage-quit. Plus, it was a dead stream overall anyway, so no sweat off my back.

After that whole debacle I watched the first half of a movie by Jet Li called "Fearless". Not too bad so far. Basically, the main character is like Kratos (of God of War fame), with an insatiable appetite for conquest (or in this case, defeating his opponents. Kinda reminds me of some of the people I've had to deal with over the years that I sporadically played fighting games. I think I talk more about this in my Pseudocast above). I kinda have an idea as to how the rest of this movie is going to play out, but we'll see.

And no evening stream today. Had allergy issues, as well as it being practically a sauna in my bedroom, as it has no air conditioning (it was about 85° in there). So I slept in a bit, and then did a reaction vid, by request (wow, that's a first!)

Okay, nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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