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Joe's Thriday Goings-On, 7/8 - 7/9


No stream today. Too beat up from work last night, as well as having dream/nightmare-filled sleep, which is as though I hadn't slept at all. And yes, I'm still debating on no longer streaming on my worknights, only streaming on my off-nights (I think I talk more about this in my Pseudocast below).

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Not me though (she's just a fanservice character). But I definitely get it. XD

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An okay DBZ session this evening. I worked on story mode, and made it to the last boss - Android 21 - in the story. And BOY did they jack the difficulty up! It's bad enough that she's at least twice as powerful as us (she's level 36, while all my guys are around level 15), but then the CPU is all of a sudden a tournament pro. So yeah, she made short work of us. So I guess I'll have to figure something else out.

And I also tried to get a party match going, but noone was wanting to jump in. So that was a waste of time. Otherwise I just watched a few replays, did training mode for a little bit, and then called it good.

Okay, nappy-nappy time, then gotta go to work. <Take care>, everyone. And have a good weekend. ;)>

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