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Joe's Dragon Ballin' Weekend, 7/10 - 7/12


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Pretty good DBZ session today. I started by purchasing Goku as a kid (Technically the one I bought is from Dragon Ball GT, but he was the closest one to the original Dragon Ball that I could find), as well as a girl named Vidal, after seeing her in action while watching a replay yesterday. Seemed like a pretty cool character. But after I got those, I practiced with them for a while, then did a quick Arcade Mode run. A few replays, then I went to story mode. And some good news there: I can play previous maps and level up my guys (I was under the impression that story mode was a one-way mode, with no backtracking allowed), which I'm gonna need to, as the final boss is level 36, and all my guys are around level 15 or so. So, it seems some grinding is in order. -_-


This morning I fiddle-farted around on Pinball FX3 & Arcade, and I just OBLITERATED one of my old high scores. But the rest of the session, like you'd have probably guessed, I sucked royal ass. -_-

From the very first episode of Dragon Ball.....

And I also watched episode 5 of Dragon Ball. So now Bulma is using her underwear to catch fish. And Oolong, a shapeshifting pig, wants to transform into girls' underwear so she can wear him. All this in a rated-PG kids show. It occurs to me that this writer is a real perv lol. :O>

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An all right DBZ session this evening. Did an arcade mode run, and a little bit of story mode as well. But otherwise the rest of the time was just watching replays, seeing how the experts do it, especially with low-tier crap characters (at least according to this website. I'm too much of a newbie to relate).


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This one was written quickly, as I still have a bunch of stuff on my plate I gotta get taken care of tonight, and I still need to get this blog posted up.

A decent DBZ session today. I primarily did story mode, a bit of replay watching, and a bit of training. I finished story mode, and am now on the second story arc, which now centers on evil, something I don't see very often (usually games with story modes only have them be good-centered and that's it). So that'll be an interesting time.

Okay, time to call it a night, guys. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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