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Joe's Tuesdnesday Stuff-O-Rama, 7/27 - 7/28


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An early but short session today, due to bad sleep (90° outside and ~85° in my bedroom, allergy issues as well). And like has been going on, it's been all Slay the Spire. Can't get enough of this game for some reason. :/>

Well, it was a good run, but I ended up dying to the last boss (see above). But like I said, BOY did that one last a while! But I went ahead and did another run with a different character (my last one was basically the rogue class, relying on poison, many attacks, and drawing/discarding), this time the warrior, a class that relies on raw damage (including oneself!) and defense. Removing cards from your deck as well (makes your deck more consistent). Didn't get very far though. And plus, I'm not a fan of the playstyle either, sooo.....

Otherwise, I just started up another run, and this time with the rogue class again, since it seems it's what I have an affinity for. There's another playable class, but he . . . . . . kinda works like the astrologician class in FF XIV. . . . . . I guess? . . . . . . He uses various "orbs" to achieve various effects, both passive and active (active effects consume the orb). I now remember me playing him a few years ago, and . . . . . he might've been the reason I quit playing this game lol.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday

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Last night's Pinball stream didn't go too bad. Pinball FX3 went good, like has been going on lately. And Pinball Arcade went decent as well, especially Attack From Mars and No Fear. Definitely broke the cold streak. For now.....

And this evening's StS stream went pretty good. Got pretty hairy in the final battle (especially when I accidentally clicked "End Turn" right when I was just getting my turn started. <Oops!>), but I actually pulled it off in the end. But apparently I forgot to set the run to "Endless Mode" - You keep replaying the same 3 acts over and over, with additional monster buffs and player debuffs added each time - so after Act 3 I got shunted back to the title screen. <Oops!> So I just started up a new one, this time with my ol' reliable rogue class, AND MAKING SURE TO CHECK THE "ENDLESS" BOX THIS TIME! Played for a little while, then called it a night.

Okay, nappy-nappy time. Then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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