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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Stuff, 9/27 - 9/28


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Did a Planescape: Torment stream today. Went pretty good. I decided to start over even though I still had my previous file, where I got about 2/3 (I think) of the way into the game. Good thing I did, I learned a thing or two this time! One, I met an NPC named Prophion, who refers himself as "This one.....". It kinda reminded me of the Sylphs in FF XIV, who also call themselves "This one.....", as well as D'Vorah in Mortal Kombats 10 & 11. Thought that was kind a cool to learn. :D>

And two, and I forgot to talk about this yesterday, I think The Stanley Parable - a game whose playthrough vid I watched yesterday - was HUGELY influenced by this game. SOOO many ways to tell a story!


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Pretty good Planescape: Torment session today. I just worked mostly - when I'm not reading the whole shit ton of in-game dialogue lol - on fulfilling quests, trying to progress in the story as much as I can. And a new visitor named necromsorcerer dropped by. It seems he plays D&D as well this game. So we talked a bit about that before he ended up bailing. Otherwise, just updating the ol' journal lol.

Okay, callin' it a night. <Take care>, peepees. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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