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Joe's Thriday Haps, 3/30 - 3/31


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lol tough call!

A more low-key Gems of War session today. I did my dailies/weeklies like usual. But after that, I spent a huge chunk of time just upgrading my kingdoms and acquiring and upgrading some new troops as well. But eventually I got all that squared away, and just went on to mat farming, which I DEFINITELY needed to do now, since all my mats are pretty much wiped lol. And like has been going on recently I've been mostly playing my The Rock Band! and Skull Falls teams, clearing out content with those. Oh, and djscrew361 and Keitaro87 came by for a while as well. And jayhotlaps also dropped by at the tail end of the session as well, where we talked about Doom 64, a game that I'd stream if I didn't suck so bad at it. But, that's Thursday. ;)>


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Kind of a crabby Gems of War stream today. I was pretty much battered & bruised from a VERY rough night at work, as well as not getting very good sleep. And as is usually the case, my gung-ho got the better of me and I went ahead and did a stream anyway. And Keitaro87 stopped by, but djscrew361 only dropped by for a hot minute, presumably sensing that I was in a bad mood, and so discretion would've been the better part of valor. Totally understandable.

But, for the session itself it was the usual dailies/weeklies and mat farming, which went, for the most part, badly. I had to pull out the all-purpose Free Matches! team for some of the content that I had to do, since the other teams I was trying to use weren't cutting it. Very frustrating. Things got better, but not until the tail end of the session when I had to shut down. So, three hours I'll never get back. *sigh*

Okay, callin' it a day/night. Calling in tonight, due to some shitty winter weather coming in (the dreaded snow & freezing rain combo). But otherwise, <Take care>, everyone. And you all have a good weekend! ;)>

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Vesta Neptuna

Famfrit [Primal]

As someone who once owned rabbits, I can confirm they can and will hump anything in sight, even other animals.

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion [Primal]

Lol XD

That meme was also a reference to an old joke:
"Why does the Easter Bunny hide his eggs?"
"He doesn't want anyone to know that he screwed a chicken!"
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