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Joe's Thriday Ho-Hums, 4/11 - 4/12


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A pretty good but exhausting night at work last night. Got home and just crashed for a couple hours. After that, got going on my Gems of War sesh, doing all my dailies. And I also managed to do the class trial for the "Geomancer" class, although it didn't get leveled up much, as the class was already in the 70s. I think, after it was all done, it only leveled up once or twice.

And after all that was done, I did a tiny bit of PvP. But right out of the gate things sucked, my Wand of Stars weapon backfiring, getting bad starting boards, basically getting RNG-fucked from the start. And it seems that 2nd through 4th place were taken over by new faces, presumably because today is "Yellow Blood Frenzy" day, meaning I can't use my Gray King team in there (given the single-turn team kill potential I'm up against nowadays I find it better to just defang the whole team than to insta-kill one of them with Zuul'Goth or Ctarrasque; Killing one still leaves 2-3 that can wipe your whole group). So, I just called it quits after about 5 minutes or so, stuck in 5th place.

So it begins. The construction started shortly after my morning nap, around 8am, and went on and off all through the morning and afternoon hours, ending around 5pm. The whole time I was either unable to sleep or was woken up by low rumbling noises, due to heavy machinery.

That being said, my stream time is going to change. I'm thinking of starting at 6am, like I did last year, but we'll see as time goes on. I wanna sleep when the baby sleeps. But the problem is that I also have to WORK when the baby sleeps as well, making this difficult to set up.


A good night at work last night despite the poor sleep. I got paired with a franchise player, so things went well even though we didn't get everything done.

And today's construction was low-key, so I was able to actually get some good sleep for once. Did my Gems sesh after my post-work nap. Dailies & all that. Had to skip PvP this time since we have a weekend Faction Assault event, so I got busy on that, doing a few runs. I had to buy the new weapon in the event shop as well as the new troop, which also gives you a bunch of event sigils that makes the event take even longer. I might wait until Sunday's stream to do the whole event, but we'll see come later.

So, that'll do 'er. <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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