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Joe's Thriday La-de-Dahs, 4/18 - 4/19


So, a pretty good night at work last night, even though management had to jump in and help towards the end. My left side was hurting for some reason towards the end of the shift. Must've tweaked it somewhere.

But, anyway, I did a Gems of War session after my nap, doing all the dailies. I also ended up doing the Tower of Doom guild event as well, since somebody scouted out some more floors for us. And after that, I went ahead and did the class trial for the "Dragonguard" class, a pretty decent class, and I can use a decent team for it. But unfortunately, as my level was already pretty high (around 65), it only went up a couple of levels. And it looks like it's going to be Vault Weekend coming up so, lots of gindy battles. Yay.

The view from my window

And today's construction was a fairly noisy one, my floor grumbling almost constantly from morning to evening. Might be looking into a stream time change if this keeps up. SURPRISINGLY I slept through most of it though.


Awesome night at work last night! We had a small freight load, something that hasn't happened since I know not when. Everyone was in a good mood today, even the managers. It's amazing what happens when it's not crunch time the moment you clock in.

But anyway, like usual, I did a Gems sesh after my post-work nap. Just did the usual dailies, as well as the Tower of Doom event. And as it's Vault Weekend, I also did a bit of mat Gnome farming as well. Didn't do any PvP, but I might do a bit here and there, if only to get myself out of 6th place, and to break up the monotony of Gnome farming.

And today's construction was almost the complete opposite of yesterday, just some rumbling and grumbling early in the morning for about an hour, and that's it.

So, that's gonna do it for me. <Take care>, guys. And you all have yourselves a good weekend. ;)>

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