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Joe's Tuednesday Doings, 5/28 - 5/29


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A pretty laid-back Gems of War stream today. And it was just me, weirdness_is_good and Lmartyr (grats on FINALLY beating the Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate raid!) this time around.

But the session was pretty meh. Did the usual PvP until the reset hit (got 4th place. No matter how hard I try.....). After that, I got the dailies done, which actually went pretty quick. Faction Assault however was a real drag. Not the best faction to be in (not the worst either, but still,.....). And apparently I didn't buy the weapon here, so I had to buy it, as well as the extra sigils that come with it, forcing me to do this event longer than I need to. I ended up bailing abruptly anyway, since I was dozing off and needed a nap before the highway construction got under way. And on top of that........

....I still had a Pinball session I had to do, which went real good! I did especially well in the Pinball FX3's weekly matchup league, beating 3 out of 4 tables by considerable margins. I DEFINITELY should be good to go for the week! And for the randos, I did okay. I beat my previous high score in the Avengers: Age of Ultron 5-minute mode, but otherwise was pretty below average on all the rest of them (left hand was starting to hurt at this point, so that factored in).

And later on after my (bad, all morning, due to highway construction starting RIGHT AT 6am when I laid down) nap I played a bit of Summoners War, just doing a bit of both progression and farming runs, all while binge watching Amoeba Records' "What's in my Bag?" stuff. And I'm JUST ABOUT to hit level 30, which is going to open a whole host of options for me. So, I just called off the sesh at that point. I'd rather save it for when I stream the game tomorrow morning, believing it to be more "ceremonial". And plus, maybe an old veteran might come on my stream and help me out. Fingers crossed!


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NOTE: This entry was written half-heartedly and hastily, as I'm still feeling like crap from a failed nap due to highway construction starting up.

So, a really good but sleepy Gems and SummWar stream. Like yesterday, I only got 3.5 hours of sleep. So I was already a bit groggy at the start. Luckily, weirdness_is_good and Lmartyr came by with some convo (and Martyr really helping me out with SummWar, as he's been playing since the beginning), really helping me postpone the inevitable. And Delcun would come by during the SummWar part of my stream. Without them - or anyone else who'd wanna come by and chat - this stream probably would've ended after about an hour lol.

But for the actual session, it was mostly SummWar this time. For the Gems of War portion, I did my usual PvP until the reset. After that, the goal was to get done as fast as possible, skipping "unnecessary" dailies (Delves can wait until tomorrow, and they usually take the longest). And once I got to SummWar, it was a combination of progression and farming. I managed to reach level 30, which unlocks a bunch of stuff for me. Got all that squared away, and then did some repeatable farm runs until my cut-off had been reached (hard to stay awake as well).

And wow, three days in a row with lots of new music to listen to. They're dropping albums on me like carpet bombs! But yeah, just checked out all that while doing mostly farming runs on SummWar. And I got lucky this time. I found two keeper albums, but as it's the start of my workweek they're gonna have to wait until Sunday night when I do my next stream.

Well, that's gonna do it for the time being. It's time for another workweek *sigh* So, <Take care>, everyone. And you all have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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