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Joe's Tuednesday Stuff, 6/11 - 6/12


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A good Summoners War and Gems of War stream this morning (yeah, it was another double-header). For SummWar, I did mostly farming runs, trying to get mats in order to get some more monsters upgraded. I'm trying to create another 5-star monster (in this game, stars work like equipment rarity in FF XIV. 1-star is lowest and 6-star being highest). And FWIW, this process is called "Fusion", which KINDA works like crafting in FF XIV, where many of the high-tiered items require lower-tiered items as well as mats.

Oh, and a new visitor named evil_kerb came by to help. Always appreciated! And dra9unx dropped by for a bit as well.

And for the Gems stream, it was another good one. I FINALLY got the thief class to 100, which now makes my Turnip Crew even more effective. But otherwise, it was a typical Tuesday, doing the dailies followed by the weekly Faction Assault, which went quick since I don't need to buy the weapon in the shop until way way later in the game. And some quicky PvP followed afterwards. So, that's all now squared away for the week. Oh, and Lmartyr and Delcun came by for a chat as well.

And for weekly Pinball, it actually went pretty well overall. I did real good in the Pinball FX3's weekly matchup league, being able to get promoted up a tier, at least for the moment. Randos however, were mediocre at best. I ended up quitting just because I couldn't do shit. Seems I used up all my skill during the matchups. *sigh*

Started watching Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin, and got about an hour in. Likin' it so far! This was actually part of a Jackie Chan marathon I tried watching but called it quits on, since they blur the swear words on subtitles (nitpicky, I know). This is an English dubbed version, but at least it's the original 70s dubbing, and not giving it the Mammy Two-Shoes treatment that would've made this movie awkward as fuck to listen to.

And I also started watching another movie called Fire and Ice, an early 80s movie by Ralph Bakshi. I think I tried watching this a LOOONG time ago, but gave up for some reason. One thing that impressed me so far, aside from the cool rotoscoped animation: This thing got a PG rating! I figured it'd have been an R-rated one. They sure squeeked this one by lol!


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A really good SummWar stream this morning, busy as hell! Although on the downside, after the reset, the game crashed several times. And normally I'd say it's because my PC is shit, but as up until the reset the game was working fine I'm gonna say the problem is from the server's end, not mine.

But, A WHOLE BUNCH of people came on today. weirdness_is_good (Hey, it's been a while!), kf6dbs, Lmartyr, Delcun, dra9unx, and a new visitor named lmaster_roshil, all dropped by and a good time was had by all. Definitely one of the best streams I've had in a while. :D>

But as for the session, it was "Double Daily Day", doing the dailies from yesterday AND today (FWIW I start my streams around midnight, and the dailies reset at 2am). And like yesterday, I've been working on crafting a 5-star monster that sees a lot of use in various game modes. Lots of time, effort, and mats for this. *sigh* But luckily, dra9unx and lmaster_roshil were very helpful, showing me various features and functions that really help, as well as various upgrades for my guys. Much appreciated! Oh, and before I forget, SummWar had maintenance this morning, so I just switched over to Gems and did all the dailies on that, which took about 15 or so minutes, after which I went back to SummWar and kept on going on that.

But, as said, a great stream today. :D>

Started watching an old all-time classic movie called The Great Escape. I think this was actually a precursor to the old TV show Hogan's Heroes, a show I used to watch a lot of when I was a kid. About an hour in. Some good stuff! I'll probably keep watching this until I have to lay down because,........

It's time once again for another workweek *sigh* So, <Take care>, everyone. And you all have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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