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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Doings, 6/18 - 6/19


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So, a bit of a wonky Gems of War stream last night/this morning. I came on an hour early due to sinus problems, as well as a T-storm rolling in that was keeping me awake. But fortunately, weirdness_is_good and Delcun came by, and we all had some good chit-chat amongst us.

So, I just did all my Gnome Vault runs, some PvP, and other assorted busy work until the reset kicked in. After that, I did the dailies followed by the weekly Faction Assault. And this one went pretty quick, as I was able to use my Takashaka team for this one. Called it off afterwards, as I was nodding off at this point.

And for weekly Pinball it was so-so. I did good on Pinball FX3's weekly matchup league, doing well enough to stay in my current tier. Tried doing randos, but I sucked balls, so I just gave up on that.

And later on I tried a new old-school RPG game called SKALD: Against the Black Priory. Seems decent, from what little I've played of it. It's got a VERY bad habit of starting in fullscreen, which has a chance of crashing my PC, regardless of how many times I set it to windowed mode. It saves every other setting EXCEPT this one. So, this really bugs me. I might stream it if I have time in the future though.


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AWESOME Summoners War stream this morning! I even got some good (but wrong, as I woke up with my lower back and right shoulder blade hurting) sleep as well. And a shit-ton of people came by too. weirdness_is_good, dra9unx, and Delcun came by. But some new visitors dropped in as well. Bor3domkiller (he's a friend of Weird's. Cool!), xxpsychoxxgamezz, and deltahessu paid me a visit. And all these guys were dropping all kinds of advice on me, as most if not all these guys have been playing this game since the beginning (about 10 years :O> ). Always helpful.

But, as for the session, I just finished up yesterday's dailies. Did some busy work until today's dailies reset, then got going on those. I also did a bit of monster upgrading too, and I'll probably continue that off-stream as well. But, definitely one of the best streams I've had in a while. :D> Oh, and later on I did a Gems sesh as well, getting all the dailies done.

And later on after my (bad, due to being shaken awake by highway construction) nap I was Joe Potato once again. *sigh* I think I'm just movie'd out, kinda out of the phase right now. Seems now I'm in my "Cop Chases" phase, at least for today. :/>

So, that's that on that. They're cutting hours at work so, I'm off tonight. But otherwise, <Take care>, everyone. And you all have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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