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Yearly Reflection, 3

Another name day has come and gone. My mind goes back on all things that have happened and it's boggling. Where do I even begin?

For starters, I suppose, my children will be turning one soon. My, has time flown. I've seen them do so many things over the year; some good and some gross. The gross were sometimes interesting to see; it bemused me but annoyed Lira. Both of them are walking now. Not very successfully, but I suspect that'll come in time-- and soon if their development is going apace from what I've studied.

Lira and I have been married for over two years now. We've had a lot done together over that time and a lot has happened at home. She's been itching to get out and adventure soon but we're having trouble lining up a babysitter.

She did inform me that she visited the free company for awhile during a...

*tapping of quill leaving a few dots on the page*

Well, I'll briefly explain here and then give a better explanation in another entry. I'm so overwhelmed with recent memories and work that it's hard to keep things straight.

Back to subject. I vanished from eorzea for awhile and she went visiting to try to find me. The kids got loose from her for an instant. Zac fortunately intercepted one-Olmont I was told- before he got too far away. Zac is very nimble so I'm glad for the assist. Lira also informed me that their child is growing normally too, despite the unusual birth situation. Which is something else I need to record.

Anyroad, since much has happened, it gives me pause to think of the directions things gave been going generally. I'm all for as much peace that this world can get. The news of a non-aggression pact between Doma and the Garlemald empire gave me a brief vision of hope. But the news following the prisoner exchange and the subsequent rumor of someone or something channeling eikon-levels of aether gave me pause. Even though whatever it was got dealt with the accusation still hangs in the air between those two nations. This is sad to me.

And then the news about the theatre of war returning close to our borders again. As a captain within the Twin Adders I had my squadron and myself put on the reserve list as a precaution. They had other people take to the center stage during the first few attack waves at the no-mans land of ghimly dark and I can count my blessings that my unit wasn't called upon. Yet.

And there's something else. An unusual stir within the aether the last few months. Some of my routine spells have failed on me for no explicable reason. They weren't hard to reset but that still makes me wonder. And worry. Are we doing something wrong to the planet since the moon of Dalamud cracked revealing Bahaumut those many years ago? Have the perpetual wars of recent finally taking their toll on the realm itself?

Or is the something wrong, just out of view over the horizon, that the latent energy of this world is bracing for?

Many personal musings aside, there's still much to be grateful for. My free company is doing very well. Permits for the next wave of submarine parts have been completed and the investigation of outer dive sites proceeded as scheduled. Family there is the same as family here. Even a few old acquaintances have gotten back in touch now and again.

Despite the looming shadow of the future, I maintain my own optimism and outlook. We move towards a brighter day and I look forward to it.
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Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Great entry.
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