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Struggling with Innocence


Last week I finally finished Shadowbringers, and I loved the story, characters and ending so much. After doing Eden, and grinding some Goetia tombstones, I finally obtained an average ilvl of 440 for my DRK and set my sights towards Innocence extreme.

Unfortunately, I was late to Shadowbringers launch, so obviously I couldn’t go in completely blind (guess I’d probably get kicked if I did xD). After reading several guides, watching guides, consulting guides, I was ready for some practise!

Unfortunately, most of my friends had already done Innocence, infact most of them had burned through all the content Shadowbringers had to offer within a month to my surprise. And so, I had to do this alone and to find people using… the dreaded party finder.

Don’t get me wrong, party finder is a great tool, for well... finding parties. But most of the time you get people with sour attitudes and egos bigger than the sun, and they’re not fun to play with, period.

I started on Sunday, the first party I joined was practice party full of first timers, they were friendly, patient, determined. Even despite a couple wipes, we were all gradually getting better at this fight. Then after an hour or so, we hit enrage, we’d seen the end phase, the last resort, the final attack, but then after we got wiped by it, everyone left! I was so sure that one more run was all we needed! Oh well, onto tomorrow…

Another day, another party, another enrage. Yet again, like yesterday we struggled to burn him down before the full cast. I needed to optimize my damage. I felt like the damage I was doing wasn’t optimal at all. After a couple more tries, the party eventually gave up, even though we didn’t get the kill, I still went away with something I could improve upon.

The very next day, after practising and memorising combos and rotations, I joined another party. This party wasn’t exactly talkative at all, when I asked who’d tank the west or east add the other tank didn’t reply. Only a couple minutes into the fight, the other tank moves the boss straight inside one of the stars, causing us to wipe. And then he proceeded to threw some insults at us, and kept on saying this fight was “super easy” before leaving. What’s worse he was wearing a mentor icon... But I guess that’s to be expected these days. There was a moment of silence before the party disbanded soon after he left.

Today, the party I was with, we got so close! Probably the closest I’ve got so far. We just needed a little bit more damage...

I’m hoping to complete this trial by next week before my subscription ends in 7 days. That’s my goal as of now.

I’m also considering switching to DPS for this trial, since DPS seems pretty important in this trial, and I really really want to get this trial done. But then I’d have to level Dragoon to 80 AND get decent gear which might take a while. Might just stick to Dark Knight, but I’m not sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve also considered moving to the Light Data Centre, but I’d hate to leave my Chaos friends behind. I probably won’t go to the NA or JP, since the ping there is very high for me. Chaos feels kinda empty ever since the EU data split, and I’ve been struggling to find friends or fellow comrades in-game. Maybe it’s a Louisoix, or maybe it’s because I’m on EU, or maybe it’s just this game, but I feel like most people seem pretty quiet and content to keep themselves, to themselves.

I hear statics are good for extremes even though I’ve never been part of a static before, but I’m not sure I could dedicate myself to a static, as my work is very sporadic and I’m dealing with other stuff IRL.

Regardless, I’m going waaaaaay off topic, FFXIV is the only MMO I’ve truly gotten stuck into, and I absolutely want to complete Innocence as the last thing I do before I take a break from this game.
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Meiyu Chen

Kujata (Elemental)

I did not watch guide and clear it within couple run .. Though I say because I partied with my awesome fc members but there were couple new people in our party too. I learn by doing better and I usually pretty fast learning boss mechanic from just jump to the game. Make your own party finder just type “clear party” and many people probably will help you.. Good luck!

This comment has been deleted.

Ryoko Orikasa

Louisoix (Chaos)

Thank you so much Tiara for the comment!
I finally cleared Innocence extreme today!^^

Saoirse Oschi

Lamia (Primal)

You should follow me to the server I end up in! ^^;
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