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WAR #2: Rise, Fall, Rise Again


I really can't help but change my glamour almost every day lol

Welcome back to Lisotte's blog, which should be titled... something. I'll need to think of a name for the blog in general at some point. In the future I should start talking about my thoughts for FFXIV more recently or recent gameplay, but for today, let's pick up a bit talking about my journey in FFXIV thus far.

Now... where was I?

Ah that's right. In HW around 3.4 was both where I reached my height as a hardcore player, and burned myself out quite a bit. Prior to this in 3.3, I'd found a really great FC that I played with. A friend and I had found it by accident by running Dusk Vigil with one of their members; after we joined turns out some of their longtime members had been guest hosts of LBR back in the day, and I enjoyed playing with them, along with some friends of mine who joined with me. I also really enjoyed activities like maps and PotD, cleared up to around floor 125-ish solo on WAR. Made decent money for a non-crafter.

After a while in this FC, my IRL friends started playing less often and this FC was a tad less active. This coincided with my joining a static and I ended up doing events like maps and old EX primals with them (I think I got through all ARR primals I'd been missing and Ravana with them? Sephirot and Zurvan were the only primals I was missing up through HW). They were a good group of people who'd been together a long time and were fellow FFXI vets. We raided late which was good for avoiding my weird work schedule and for those of them who needed to play after putting kids to bed. Which was perhaps an omen for my future as a player...

I burned out thoroughly and took another break later on in 3.4 (going back to play some FFXI around that time). I should probably mention I'm from the USA and started looking into moving to Japan around this time, which made me really stop playing both FFXI and FFXIV. However, around 3.5-ish I figured I wanted to play some of FFXIV in Japan so I moved to the Carbuncle server (not my best decision lol). I played through the story leading up to 4.0 in the US and started getting a "job crisis" where I couldn't seem to figure out if I wanted to stay as a WAR or play something else. Like PLD, which I'd been playing a bit in FFXI. But after catching up to I believe 3.56 MSQ, I let other side stuff like Hildibrand rest and took a short break from the game while awaiting 4.0.

After getting to Japan, somehow I ended up resubbing and getting SB, and started out enjoying it. It was exciting to get into new content and I was playing in early access during my free week before I started my job there. I played solo at this time, still wasn't sure of what job to play so stuck with WAR:

I played up till level 67 on WAR, and got to the Azim Steppes, right around when you meet Hien. SB definitely didn't resonate with me the way that HW had and I was still trying to settle on a job. I always wanted to play what my friends were not playing and while I kept on thinking of playing DPS again (DD for FFXI vets!), the ease of tank queues and the ease of WAR's rotation made it easy to keep playing (though I do miss hitting 9 GCDs in one Berserk window in HW!). Also I started my new job and was busy all of the time, enjoying life in a new country. And I had like no money for staying subbed lol. So it was, that my longest break from the game was to begin, which lasted for something like 3 years....


Three years later, and finally in around August 2020, I made my glorious return to FFXIV! I'd enjoyed (and struggled with) my time in a foreign country, met the love of my life, my wife Valerie Poena, had a couple kids, returned home and got a somewhat stable job. I kept on thinking about FFXIV but figured I never would have time (which really, I didn't). But one day I decided to hop back in. I could only play at night after the kids were asleep, never planned to take it that seriously. Also switched to controller. But somehow started to get way more serious about it than I expected. Started barreling my way through SB and enjoying the story a lot. Messed around with PLD, NIN, and RDM, but in the end went back to WAR. I ended up enjoying SB's story in the end, but still probably the weakest link in FFXIV's MSQ.

That's all we got time for today, next time will talk about my rushing through FFXIV's MSQ from 4.0 through 5.4. But one bright point is that my wife Valerie joined me in the game, and I'll close this blog with the most recent screenshot of us together, helping her out with SB MSQ:

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