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WAR #12: Rending Skulls in the Resistance!

Warning: Spoilers for the Resistance/Bozjan Southern Front abound in this blog entry!

I'm glad Resistance Weapons weren't as much of a pain to build as this!

Wrathful And Resolute #12: Rending Skulls in the Resistance!

Welcome once again, to the WAR blog. And remember, in this part of town, we practice the Art of WAR! Which is a BRUTAL art! Yeah that's right, WAR is all about savagely charging off into conflict, wading into the field of blood (and guts) that is oh so how difficult to get the stain out of a brutal WAR's lorica later!

Hell yeah, the title for the latest WAR relic, their Resistance Weapon is quite fitting: Skullrender:

Note: Please do not go smashing around an axe like this IRL, remember it's just a game folks!

Today is actually the eve of the next upgrade to the Resistance Weapons questline and the Bozja Southern Front (maybe it's a different cardinal direction?). Weird how our tale about Lisotte's saga in FFXIV lined up so that we're covering this step a day before the next step. Ah well.

It was probably mid-5.x that I finished my anima weapon, the Minos Lux. Which now means that in approximately 100% of my WAR glams (and there's a bunch of them, lol), I need to use that axe. Sorry, Skullrender Recollection...

After I had gotten caught up with the 5.3 MSQ, I started working on the WAR Resistance Weapon. Which (as you're probably aware), involves a length set of cutscenes beginning in Kugane. The kind quest-giver there sends us off to meet a dear friend...

Never thought I'd miss this guy, but here we are

Hien. Probably one of my favorite characters from SB, and surprisingly so. I'd expected I wouldn't be into this samurai lordling (and I'd left off playing years ago right after we meet him). Yugiri is also around, our loyal companion since what, 2.3? Anyway, we don't have much time for the reunion, as we get recruited to help out the Bozjans, who mostly seem to be made up of Hrothgar, who we have somehow never met before now.

We are sent off to Gangos, on the southern shore of Bozja, I believe? Our task is twofold: One, to help out the Bozjan Resistance, and two, to help recreate the Blades of Gunnhildr. We meet a lovely cast of new buff catguys and also some old friends, like Gerolt again.

Here I was thinking that Norvrandt would have played a part...

Our first task is working on these resistance weapons, recreations of ancient weapons belonging to their ancient queen. The weapons unfortunately were destroyed in the Bozjan Incident where Cid's dad unfortunately got tempered by Bahamut and brought Meteor down on Bozja.

Thanks to some magic from Mikoto, we can delve into someone's memories to give Gerolt the idea of how to recreate the memories. We confirm this in a mildly hilarious instance where we find out Gerolt has the hots for Rowena. Wonder how that'll ever work out.

Turns out, seemingly the sole surviving person to have seen the old Blades is our buddy Cid. We enlist him and dive into his memories, into a weird Inception version of Bozja before it was destroyed.

We fight our way through some Garlean soldiers, and somehow, Bahamut!?! Dreams are weird man, somehow that shows up.

At least we breach the castle and approach a young Cid talking to his father Midas. Cid is trying to convince his father to relent and not carry on the Meteor project. But his father is already tempered by Bahamut and will not give up. Seemingly out of nowhere, Emperor Varis shows up to give us an EX trial and dyeable AF! And also shoots Cid. It reminds me how much more I was a fan of Varis compared to Zenos, but oh well...

We defeat the Emperor somehow, then Cid realizes it was not Varis who shot him, but rather his own father Midas. But as Cid remembers what really happened in Bozja, we also learn of the Blades.

After waking up from the nightmare, we're back in Gangos and Gerolt is ready to get to work on the weapons. He does have to enlist the help of Rowena of course, but soon enough and a few cutscenes later, we finally have our weapon! And for another 1000 poetics, we can create yet another weapon!

Compared to the start of the ARR relics, making a new resistance weapon for just 1000 poetics every time is just a tad easier

Fantastic, weapon completed, we've got our ilvl 485 weapon now.

At this point, we've caught up to the 5.2 version of the weapon. 5.35 came out sometime around this time, but I wasn't really ready to dive into Bozja. Still had a bunch of other stuff to take care of. However, right as 5.4 came out, I did jump in and complete 60 HW fates and what, 6 dungeon runs. I assure you, it was really thrilling. Or rather totally not - the most challenging part about this was keeping awake during all the fates. We get the 505 weapon right after 5.4 comes out and then Bozja goes on the backburner for a bit while I started working on high-end content.

Until, we hit a pretty good place progressing with that and manage to get NIN to 71, so it's on to the Bozjan Southern Front!

Welcome to the First World War. Or so that's what it looks like: trenches, bomb craters, soldiers fighting all over the place. Wish I'd been around when Eureka was current, place looked a lot prettier to explore.

Our job is to aid the Resistance fighting the Garlean IVth Legion, headed by Noah van Gabranth, who after Garlemald falls into chaos, tries to create his own state on the ruins of Bozja. We aid the freedom fighters by undertaking several quests for them, completing Skirmishes (FATES), Critical Engagements (special FATES) and finally culminating in assaulting the Castrum Lacus Litore (pretty sure that's a myth at this point).

So I head out there on my NIN, who I'd originally gotten to lvl 67 around the time I returned to the game (started going through the MSQ on NIN, then switched back to WAR). I used roulettes to get to lvl 71.

more fetch quests, maybe?

And then... mostly ended up using roulettes to get to lvl 80, which I did recently. Everyone constantly says how great Bozja is for leveling a DPS job but... it's so goddamn boring to me! Partly it's due to playing late at night - often after raid, when the area is dead. Like no CEs seem to pop up. And at my rank (rank 7 now I think?) it gets rough being able to make it to all the fates and can't even really join that many parties. I wanted to use Bozja as my main way to get NIN to 80, and at least rank up to rank 10 to be ready to complete Castrum if that ever becomes a thing again, and to be ready for the next stage. But somehow I just kept on falling asleep in Bozja. I really hope that I can get more into it in 5.45. But on the plus side, I did get NIN to 80 somehow!


The Ishgardian Restoration, Role Quests, and WHM

I think I'd like to throw in at the end of this blog, some of the other side-projects I've been working on lately.

One has been hacking at trees and completing quests in the Ishgardian Restoration.

Francel is back! We undertake a number of quests in the Firmament, the future housing area in Ishgard, hopefully I can grab a house there when they add it? I kinda wasn't super into the quests, maybe if I come back and take them slower I'll be more into them in the future. Also crafting so far has been kinda confusing to me. I mean it always has been, and my crafters are all in the 20's (got WVR to 20 in 1.0 and the others to the 20's later), but took a bit to figure it out. Gathering in Diadem has been relaxing, though a tad sleepy. Last week my routine was raid first, do some roulettes to level NIN, then go work on BTN in the Diadem. Thanks to those and levels, my gatherers are all in the 40's now at least. Looking forward to continuing with Ishgard later.

Role quests!

Physical DPS was probably my least favorite of the role quests so far

5.4 added several new Void Quests while require completing all 4 role questlines (those for Tank, Healer, Physical DPS and Magical DPS). I really liked the first one I did, the tank questline which I did as I completed the MSQ. The caster questline was also pretty good. The physical DPS one is okay, not terrible, but leaves me hoping that the healer one which has a dwarf will be better.

Which brings me to my current side-project that has put the Ishgardian Restoration and Bozja on the backburner for a bit: Leveling WHM.

MSQ Roulette is the worst

I haven't played a healer much since 2.x playing SCH, but I'm actually really enjoying playing WHM. And it levels fast too! I hope next time I go into Bozja I'll be on WHM. Plus while I obsess over different glams for WAR, now I'm messing around with different ones for RDM, NIN and WHM as well (all of which I am terrible at, lol). Currently my main goal is to get WHM to 80 and get those void quests done. After that, probably work more on Ishgard or Bozja.

Well there we are, pretty much up to current on Lisotte's progress in FFXIV! Well, mostly. There's still one giant thing to cover - high-level content! Namely, Titan Unreal, Emerald Weapon EX, and Eden's Promise (Savage). Probably we'll cover that next time. Or maybe the new Bozja content. Exciting to actually be talking about current things now. It's been a long journey.

Valerie has been moving along in SB as well now, finally reached the Azim Steppes. I'll end on these shots of us and our menagerie together:


See you next time on the WAR blog!
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