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WAR #14: It's About the People


Kinda dark screenshot but all I've got atm of the current glam

Wrathful And Resolute #14: It's About the People

Welcome once again to the WAR blog. Myself and Valerie have been plugging along at the game day by day. Valerie's up to the Azim Steppes, and finds the zones in SB too huge considering you don't unlock flying until you're almost finished with the zone. I've been mainly working on progging E10S, but also leveling WHM and trying to rank up in Bozja (sadly not both at the same time yet, as my WHM is like lvl 66 or so). I thought that up till this point, I'd been mostly writing in chronological order, a list of stuff that has happened, working through the MSQ and so on. But since we're practically caught up on the story of one WoL, why not take it a bit casual, and break updates up into little bits.

But the theme of today, is really about the community. Back when I played FFXI, it was really the people you played with who made or broke the game for you. You needed people for everything. Coming into FFXIV, I have so many great memories of different FCs that I was in over the years. Due to taking breaks from the game, I mostly never stuck to the same group. But I'm hoping that Valerie and I will have a chance to now.

Say hello to the free company, Amity!

Valerie and I were able to attend a wedding with our new FC, that was really fun!

You know, for months after returning to the game, Valerie and I basically played with just the two of us. And a lot of the time, it was her running off working on the MSQ and me running off and working on whatever I was working on at the time. But eventually I figured it'd be great to break out of our shell and finally join an FC.

We looked through the new Community Finder for quite a bit to find an FC that worked for us on Sarg. We wanted to find one that was pretty big so that there would be a higher chance of having more people online late at night. We also were interested in FC events (though those ended up mostly being scheduled before we could get on). We ended up joining a free company called Amity.

Amity is a pretty decent-sized FC with over 100 members and a medium sized house in the Mists. It was kinda funny for me, my old static back in HW had their house in the same location. Val and I are probably - not the most outgoing in a new group of people? So far we've mostly chatted here or there or /waved. We attended that wedding and when there was an FC meeting, tuned in for a bit. They have a Discord server that I keep tabs on from time to time. There's a lot of events that are really great, like movie nights, mount farming nights, map nights. Lately they're doing Bozja to try and help people catch up.

Personally, with my limited schedule, I tend to log on with a mission and tend to try to accomplish as much as I can, there isn't much time to smell the roses and unfortunately we don't chill with the FC as much as I wish we could. Also doesn't help having to keep my voice down while on voice chat due to sleeping kids. But the people are friendly, the FC leader is great, I got help with some Titan reclears and having an FC house to go hang out at is nice. I probably spend more time hanging out there while queued for stuff than I did in years past when I mostly hung out at Idyleshire. Also most of my constant selfies in new glamour outfits I take at the FC house.

I hope Val and I can do more with the FC in the future, and I do recommend Amity if you're on Sarg. Link to the Community Finder page here:

Onwards in Savage! It's a lot easier with a static!

Ah, back to pugging E9S. It probably took a week for me. Brambles and phasers (wide-angle and anti-air) probably were the toughest parts of the first phase for me. And many groups I was in struggled with it.

I also wasn't able to commit a ton of time to it, there was a week where I wasn't really able to log in much. But I think that in terms of actual days I spent progging, E9S took about a week in party finder groups. Tiles were confusing the first couple times, but I didn't find them that bad. Mostly just needed to know when to let the person behind me refresh their tile and it worked out. The Summon mechanic is still the weirdest one for me, I mostly figure out which half of the arena will have the safe spot then follow the group.

The meteors fortunately aren't too bad; I got confused more recently since I was going as an OT whereas in the past I went as MT. The tree mechanic (Rejuvenating Balm I think?) where you split the party in 2, go to the tiny safe spot, then either clock positions or pairs is probably the mechanic that wiped the most groups. As long as we figured that out, last tiles usually went well.

Until I finally go the clear!

At long last, in a pug, I cleared E9S! I was super psyched about it. I've cleared a total of 5 times since then. I still have a lot to improve on (my best parses have only been green), but it's a start. On to E10S...

Man, if I thought I was confused in E9S, I was wrong. E10S has been the truly confusing one. And I still haven't cleared it. Though I think we will soon, and I took this one a bit slower.

I'd mostly progged E9S most nights I could till I got the first clear. For E10S I started burning out a little in party finder, so I started taking it slower. And I really couldn't understand everything. Umbral Orbs are the bane of my existence! I simply couldn't understand them, where I was supposed to go, most of the time. I still barely know how. So I'd mostly do one lockout a night, then go work on other stuff. I was leveling NIN and spending time in the Diadem a bit.

Until like a week or two, when on a fateful Thursday, I saw a "fresh-ish prog" party finder for E10S needing just a tank. I joined, and for the first time in a prog party, I hopped on their Discord to hear callouts.

They hadn't gotten too far into the fight, but obviously with a coordinated group it wasn't too bad. We got decently far in that one lockout.

Turns out, the 7 people were a static, all of them in the same FC on Midgardsormr, who needed a tank. And lo and behold, I'm a tank! They raided 4 nights a week, Mon-Thur. I wasn't sure I could make it - sometimes the kids don't cooperate with sleeping, so I'd been in pug land until now. But they were cool with that so for the next week I joined up with them. The E9S reclear took a couple nights - I wasn't really used to being the OT there. But we got it eventually, and I was MT for E10S. And after 5 raid nights, they asked if the times worked for me, and I said let's give it a shot! So now I'm raiding with a static.

We'll get you this time, Shadowkeeper!

Working with a static is so much less stress than pugging! And nice that I have certain times to raid, and then focus on other stuff the rest of the time. I still chat with Val during raid as much as I can and keep her updated as we're working through it. She listens in on the voice chat too, I'm glad I got to include her as much as I can. This past week we oneshot E9S and we've hit enrage on E10S twice already. For me, I feel comfortable with all the mechanics except Umbral Orbs, but I'll get it this time. And I'll be really happy once we get the clear so we can be halfway through the tier. And finally get some drops! My only piece of Savage gear so far is the necklace I got with tokens! I rolled an 80 yesterday, my best roll so far, and didn't get anything!

But in any case, progging Savage is moving along now. E10S is really fun (except for Orbs), once I figured out stuff, it's really awesome. I'm glad we figured out voidgates pretty quickly. The group tends to raid for a pretty short span of time per day - maybe 1hr15 minutes or so, 1 1/2 hrs max, but since we have 4 days a week it's a decent amount of time progging.

More Bozja

I really regret not getting in on Bozja that first week. I wasn't even able to unlock it that week, though. And I prioritized other things. I took NIN in there, but got kinda bored at the time and wasn't enjoying NIN as much as I do WAR. I was planning on getting WHM to 71 then taking that into Bozja, but then 5.45 dropped with DR.

I can't get in there yet, but now's probably my chance to clear Castrum soon. I need to hit rank 10 first though. So I've been going in there on WAR which is a bit more fun, and completing the skirmishes and what few CEs pop up at 1 in the morning. That CE "Patriot Games" is something else - the group failed lol. But I'll keep working at it.

For now, the goals are:
Help Valerie through SB
Clear E10S with the static
Continue in Bozja, hopefully hit rank 10, get that Castrum clear then on to DR
Upgrade the resistance weapon
Level DoL/DoH with the Ishgardian Restoration
Get back to finishing other sidequests like Hildibrand
Make money so that when one is available, buy a small house, preferably in the Goblet like I had before
Level up my glam game, as always

Lots of stuff to work on! I've realized I can't really just do one thing till I burn out, it's better to work on multiple things a little bit at a time. Like raid with the static, do some WHM roulettes (and expert if needed), then go to Bozja. But all things considered, I'm really enjoying FFXIV at the moment. I hope I can be running expert roulettes and such with Val soon.

Valerie and I posing with the group for our FC member's wedding!
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I have to ask, with 2 kids HOW do you two find time to play? I know you said after they go to bed but is it the same with Valorie? I know kids tend to want their parents attention ALL the time, especially the mother, so it's hard to get time to play.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

I think Lis mentioned Anna after their children go down for the night they sneak in a few hours of playtime before bed. If children are asleep they are well...asleep so makes perfect sense to me how they both have a little time each night. Sacrifice rest for game time together. Kind of a quasi date night of sorts doing something together.

Lisotte Poena

Sargatanas (Aether)

Like Lolo mentioned, yeah we get the kids to sleep every night (I usually get our son to sleep, Valerie usually gets our daughter to sleep). Then, we stay up pretty late, I'll keep playing FFXIV until like 2 AM usually, Valerie will usually play for like an hour but also watch Youtube, Netflix, etc.

Daytime, we don't play, I do watch streams and blog after I wrap up work most weekdays.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

2 AM? :O

Wow, I can't imagine trying to survive on 4-5 hours of sleep for multiple days in a row, especially with children around running you ragged and working a full time job; afternoons must be hell. :O

Plus you are trying to do savage on little sleep? Damn, you MUST be still young to have the endurance to do it. ;p

When you are older it just doesn't happen, your body won't allow it, and if you try you pay the price, heavily. ;-)

Lisotte Poena

Sargatanas (Aether)

I'm old enough that my body feels like it is going downhill... didn't really do enough savage before so now I'm somehow managing to do it now.
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