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The Problem That is Zenos

Note: I find myself wanting to express my opinions on several topics and I think this is the place to be. My opinions are personal thoughts (and are not a critique), which I am not claiming to be right nor wrong. I am not expecting comments, otherwise I would have went to the official forum. In the event that there would be, I honor and respect everybody else’s opinion, though I’d prefer a healthy conversation over that of a heated debate.

Some Current Opinion(s): CONTAINS SPOILERS
Some FFXIV players believe that featuring Zenos again for the next expansion in any capacity is frustrating, bad, and tiring... and would like to see the last of him for good before 6.0...

Rasler’s Opinion:
...and I wholeheartedly feel and think the same

There is a concept of saturation point. By the time we, the WoL, defeated Zenos yae Galvus in 4.0, it should have been one of those deaths that had a definite finality on it. For goodness sake, he committed suicide. It was so satisfying to get rid of him. It seems all the player’s effort for a whole expansion was all for nothing, that 4.0 storywise is moot and academic. Yes, I know Ala Migho and Doma were liberated, but I guess everybody would understand what I am saying.

I understand that this one-dimensional, tunnel-focused character is being groomed to exploit the player’s emotions (hatred) for him and that is why we are facing the possibility of a Stormblood-2.0. But if there is one thing Shadowbringers have proved, villains in the grey shade is better storywise. Zenos being groomed as the ultimate villain for FFXIV (like why put him in Dissidia NT) doesn’t work either as he wasn’t even there from the very beginning of the arc, let alone the game as a whole.

I would like to see a whole new character or villain to compete against with, one that is actually enjoying and interesting.
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