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The Kinship is Growing!

The Kinship is looking for Otherkins looking for a Forever home!
We’re a Rank 8 FC with big dreams and goals! While there is only a few of us in the FC, we’re a very socially active group, and have many friends on Excalibur! You might have even seen the Ladykins Laila and Lily running around Limsa!

What We Offer...
-Rank 8, No House(yet!)
-Allianced to Professional<<8192>>
-We have Events together!
-LS Available to speak with our Alliances/Otherkin friends!
-Discord Available! (Not Required!)
-Driven, Active Dual Leadership (By 2 Adorable Twin Lalas nonetheless! xD)
-Opportunity for Members to Rank up in the FC.
-Welcoming all types, from newbies to advanced players!

Want more Details? Check out our Manifesto!

What do we want in a Kin?
Ambitious People, seeking to make friends as well as progress!
Open Minded, Friendly, Helpful, Quiet or Loud, Active Otherkins.
Otherkins who want to be apart of the central growth of their FC and be there from the very start!

While we are openly recruiting we do like to get to know interested Otherkins a bit first. We have many ways to contact us but mainly, you can either PM Laila Kin or Lily Kin in game or Comment down below!

Oh! And feel free to come say hi to either of us in-game if you see any of us running around! We love to make friends! :D
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This character has been deleted.

check out my blog "Seeking!" if you can provide I would be happy to apply~! -meek tone- though you have no lvl requirements right?
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