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"The Next test will now commence." Omega chimed. As immediately, Skye and Whisp where immediately whisked away.

"What?! Without a break?" Rsve said in shock, turning towards the monitor once again. Whisp and Skye materialized. Their battlefield was some sort of factory. Their opponent, a hulking machine somewhat similar to the allagan dreadnoughts they had encountered in Bahamuts Coil.

"Ha! A machine? We'll smash it to bits!" Whisp said cockily. She drew her axe and rushed in, slamming her axe down just before the machines feet. Earthen spikes erupted from the ground, jutting around the machined arms and body.

"Hmph. Too easy." Whisp said almost disappointed. Her ears drooped down as she sighed.

"Whiperra look out!!!" Skye shouted as the machine shattered the rocks with ease. Whisp jumped away as falling earth crumbled towards her.

"Okay, you're a little tougher than what in used to..." she said with a fanged grin forming on her mouth. The machine pointed a cannon at the girls, Whisp slammed her foot upon the ground, bringing up a wall of earth to protect them. A laser fired from the cannon on the machines chest, striking the earthen barrier.

From behind the barrier, the girls readied their weapons. The earth began to glow as tge heat from the laser began to bore through their defense. The integrity of the wall fell and crumbled. The attack narrowly missing the two miqo'te. Whisp looked to Skye and nodded. Whisp ran in, she swung her heavy weapon at the cannon on its chest, hoping to remove such a dangerous tool from its arsenal.

The machine blocked it with its arm, her axe not even denting the machines metal. With its spare arm, it smacked Whisp, sending her flying backwards. Seizing the moment of opportunity, Skye let loose an arrow, piercing a gap in the machines thick armor before running to the aid of her sister. The machine sparked a bit, but otherwise seemed ok.

"Whisp! Are you ok?!" She asked as she helped her sister up. Whisp groaned as she stood up. "Hes a tough son of a bitch!" She growled. Before rushing in again. "Whisp wait!!" Skye tried to stop her sister. But rage was taking control of her sister.

Whisp unleashed a fury of blows upon the machine, each one leaving little to no effect. "Whisp! Calm down!!" Skye tried to plead with her sister. The machine raised its arms, ready to slam them down upon the axe wielding miqo'te. Raising her axe above her head, she intercepted the attack, the ground beneath her cracking under the force of the attack.

"This is the same as that time!!" Rave said, remembering years ago when he was filled with rage as he stared upon Gaius and the Ultima weapon for the first time. Though the motives were different, Whisp's pride was blinding her judgment.

The cannon on its chest locked onto Whisp, the energy began to gather in the barrel as Whisp stood with a glare on her face. It got her. She was pinned. Just before the laser fired, powerful arrow fired by Skye and her control of the fire element pierced the machined leg, toppling it over, changing the direction of the shot and freeing Whisp at the same time.

"Whisperra Rackwell!" Skye growled at her sister, "what the hells gotten into you?!" She demanded. "Did you forget you arent alone here?" She said glaring at her sister. Whisp seemed to calm down a bit after hearing her sister's words. "S-sorry... you're right. But my weapon won't break its armor!" She said frustrated.

"But mine is. Look." Skye said pointing to the gaps where her arrows were sticking out of. "Dont be reckless. Make it attack you so I can dismantle it piece by piece!" Skye said with a grin.

"Heh, who would have thought I'd be lectured by you sis." Whisp said as she stood up. "But ok. Let's do it your way." Whisp readied her axe again. And rushed in. She swing her weapon, this time with purpose. As Skye waited patiently for her chance to break the machine down more.

Another wide swing by the machine gave Whisp a chance to erect an earthen pillar. Slowing down the force of the attack. Skye let loose another arrow, its force like a rocket as it pierced another gap in the machines left shoulder, exploding on impact as the arm blew off the main body.

"That's the way!" Rave said with a cheer. The machine grinded and whirred as it turned to Skye. "No!!" Whisp said as she rushed towards her sister. The machine charged another laser, and fired it towards the bow wielding miqo'te. Whisp raised another wall of earth, in a feeble attempt to block the attack.

Knowing it wasnt enough. Whisp did the only thing she could think of to protect her sister. As the laser began to pierce her defense as before. Whisp tapped into the rage swelling inside her. U lashing a fell cleave, her axe collided with the beam as the force began to tear her body apart.

"Take it out now!!!" Whisp shouted through the pain of the attack. Cuts and wounds began to form on her ashen face and arms. Her armor beginning to crack and shatter.

"But if I fire now, you'll be caught up in the attack!" Skye pleaded. "Just do it! If we dont, everyone's sacrifices until now will have been meaningless!" Whisp said as she began to slide back.

Skye bit her lip. Her sister was right. With tears in her eyes, she aimed her bow. Fire igniting the weapon as she found her mark. Letting loose all her power, the arrow released from the bowstring, piercing the final gap in the machines chest.

The arrow fired completely through. Several explosions within the machine finally made it collapse for good. Skye dropped her weapons as she ran to her sister. Who began to collapse. Her bloodied body rest limply in Skye's arms.

"Good job sis." She said weakly. She had lost far too much blood. Her arms were blistered and burnt. No longer capable of holding her weapon. "Whisp! No stay with me!!" Skye pleaded. Whisp smiled at her, "tell Rave he better not lose! Or I'll kick his ass!" She said with a smile. "No! Tell him yourself!!! Whisp!!!" Skye begged as her sister died in her arms.

Rave couldnt believe it. Another one of his comrades. His friends, now lay dead before him. "No! Ita not over yet! Skye watch out!!!" Denze shouted in vain.

The machine had initiated a self destruct sequence. Exploding in a massive blast, engulfing the forlorn sister in a massive blast.

"No... NOOOOOO!!!!!" Rave shouted at the monitor.

"All parties defeated. It seems my trap worked, but I did not calculate this. What brings you mortals to do such foolish things? Inadequate data. Proceeding to the next test." Omega chimed.

"Quit throwing tests at us! Fight me yourself!!!" Rave demanded in anger. "Request denied. I must know more of why you mortals make such foolish decisions."

"Calm down champion. The next fight is mine. Your role here is not yet ready to be played." Denzyne said as he finally stood up.

"Dont worry. I'll make it out of this one alive. I've already seen the outcome." He said as his body was transported in the familiar fashion as before.

"How many times have I said it, Denze, you rely on that power too much..." Rave muttered.
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Oh no, two more deaths :(

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Great read. Love it.

Mana White

Famfrit (Primal)

Thank you Kahori! And as usual you too Cleo!
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