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Day 151: part 3


Part 3:

I soon found myself back in the underwater deep of the Tempest. The smell of fish and stagnant water was gag inducing and I had to put a cloth with my sweetest smelling perfume to my face to survive it. The smelly Sahagin leader who was NOT happy to see us asked why we had returned. (Believe me, I was NOT happy to BE here either!) I wanted to tell him it was because of his delightful smell, but WHK shushed me. I swear, the kid NEVER lets me have any fun!

Well sisters, it seemed that some mean and nasty Sahagin were raiding them and taking all their stinkiest stuff. (I guess these things like stinky or something.) Seeing that to get their help we would HAVE to help them, (surprise, surprise!), I soon made my way out into the murky depths of the weird bubble, which I was kind of surprised was STILL around since, you know, Emet was dead and all. Well, you know me, like I would ACTUALLY bother to find out why.

Alea: "Yeah Annie, we KNOW you WON'T bother!"
Adora: "Alea, you know that's the price we pay for Annabel recounting her adventures to us."
Alea: "Yeah, I know, and I will continue to bitch about it!"
Adora: "ALEA!" (gives VERY stern look)

After MUCH searching, (and getting lost), I soon found the caves where the fish bandits were hiding. It seems sisters that they had been REALLY busy for they had a LOT more than just stinky liver in their cave. There was also a lot of crap from the mainland too. Greatttt, MORE trouble above. Well, NOT my lands, let the lazy Eulmore people handle it!

Following the smell, I soon found the Godawful things and got them back to the Sahagin. (The good stinky ones, not the BAD stinky ones! I know, confusing, right?) But it seemed now we had to DO something about the bad ones, UGH, Typical! But lucky for us though it meant going where we needed to go anyway, so it all worked out.

So how would we GET there? Sigh......yeah, the THING.....again.

Yeah sisters, that's right, we needed to use that BIG super smelly whale again to get where we needed to go. That meant Uri had to kiss up to it. And of course it made ME clean it's stupid underbelly. I mean COME ON! JUST because I can breathe underwater does NOT mean I can do EVERY dumb thing that needs done UNDER the water!!!!!

Alea: "Um, does she NOT see the logic in having her do it? What am I saying, of COURSE she doesn't! "
Alea: "What? Am I wrong?"
Adora: ""
Alea: "SEE!"
Adora: (sighs)

So THAT done, yuck, we made ready to go to the ruins. It pretty much was the same as last time, NOT! Nooooooo, THIS time we get attacked by a TON of annoying sea creatures! And THIS is why I DON'T like the sea! (Well that and the smelly fish, and the sun ruining my fair complexion, and the fact it messes up my hair!)

After turning a LOT of them into seafood, we finally made it to the ruins. Yeah, they looked like crap and had a ton of those VERY mean Sahagin in them, who were in our way. So you know that THAT meant! Yep, Fried fish, HA! Even their Queen got in on the act, but I dethroned her and stole ALL her treasure for myself. The others TRIED to object, but the threat of me caving the roof on their heads shut them up fast! Hey, NO ONE keeps pretty jewels from ME!

Alea: "Yep, NOT surprised Annabel would turn on her companions when it came to treasure."
Adora: "She REALLY needs to curb that greedy streak of hers or she won't have any friends left."

So I am sure you are asking, what did we find here? Wellllll, I.......can't tell you.....again. It is something that has to deal with all this crap with the crystals and the Ascians, and it's pretty super secret stuff which I know they don't went me to put here, so I won't. SORRY ALEA!!!!!!!

Alea: "ANNIE!!!!!!!"
Adora: "Alea hush, Mother might hear you."
Alea: (huffs and fumes) "Ooooooo, sometimes I really HATE my Sister!"
Adora: "Dear, I am sure it was for a good reason."
Alea: "LIES!"

With this (secret) information in hand, we made our way back to the Crystal Tower to inform EX of our discovery. Luckily though Miss Kitty stayed behind to do more research, (and HOPEFULLY get eaten by sharks or something!) Ex was very concerned about this revelation and wondered what it meant for our future.

Alea: "Grrrrrrrr"
Adora: "Alea......."

But we STILL had the other problem, the fake Ardbert to deal with. He had gathered a large crowd in the city and was preaching to them about the virtues about becoming 'Warriors of Light." The crowd was REALLY eating this up. We were about to try and stop him when suddenly the sky turned red and a really BIG star started dropping from the sky. Then that ALL too familiar to me voice started speaking, but this time EVERYONE seemed to be able to hear it.

Alea: "Um, WHAT is she talking about Adora? What voice? Is she crazy?"
Adora: "um......yes? She's probably ranting dear."
Alea: (Looks at Adora suspiciously) "Suuuuure she is....." (She knows something, I KNOW she does!)

Having heard the voice, the crowd seemed elated that they has seemingly had gotten the Crystal's blessing. This was a BIG problem for us because now most of them wanted to leave their posts and go out adventuring, leaving mot many to guard the city. Ok, it was not MY problem so I actually did not care much, but hey, I AM empathetic, REALLY (Ok, not THAT much, but THEY don't have to know that!)

Catching up to the fake Ardbert, I corner him to confess, which he does. He said the whole thing was just a illusion but a greatly effective one, which I could not deny, dammit. He seemed quite smug with himself and he said this was only the first part of his plan and that he was NOT done yet, then he poofed out on us again, leaving us to ponder what ELSE is going to happen. I swear sisters, the First is the WORST!

Well, going back to the tower, we discussed things for a bit then decided everyone needed a bit of a break. Finally, someone ACTUALLY said it! Before they could blink I was OUTTA there and back to my room for a well deserved rest and pampering session.

But, as you know, the First is the WORST, so of COURSE my so called 'rest' got interrupted; by all things a DWARF Lala! Yeah, it really surprised ME too!

I had helped this Lala Dwarf back when I was dealing with all that annoying Light to help redeem some of Ardbert's companions. (It was not worth writing about Alea!)

Alea: (Fumes some more) "Ann...."
Adora: "Alea....don't."

And it seems he had come to me REALLY mad about Ardbert's body being used and wanted to do some payback on the one using it. Well you know me, ALWAYS looking for lackies....or companions I can foist the WORST stuff on and get the blame when something goes wrong. So I said, "sure, I could use the help! Oh, you DO have a good lawyer right? You know.....JUST in case..." He did, (which was actually surprising!) SO I told him to wait until I called him and got back to my WELL earned rest.

So there you go sisters, LOTS still going on here AND back home, sigh. I swear I think I need to make a clone of myself or something. With ALL this technology I keep encountering, there has gotta be something I can use to make one. Think of it, TWO Annabel's to help the world! Hmmmmm, Do the worlds REALLY deserve two of me? I have to think on that one.

Your 'double the fun' sister!


Alea: "Cloning herself? Maybe if she did it, she would make one that would actually TELL us what is HAPPENING in her Damn letters, UGH!"
Adora: "ALEA! Language."
Alea: "I can't help it Adora, I am mad!"
Annette: (comes into the room, looks curious) "And what are me mad about Alea, hmmmm? Not being married yet I am sure."
Alea: (looks shocked) "Oh crap......" "Ye....yes Mother, ALL the time. I swear I have the worst luck sometimes."
Annette: "Not as much as Ann.....your other sister. Well, you are in luck Alea. I think I have the perfect candidate for you." (She gestures) "Come along, I want you to meet him."
Alea: "But.....but..." (Looks at Adoea pleadingly.)
Adora: "I think we are done here dear, you better go with her, it's for the best."
Alea: (Gives her sister a foul look, whispers) "Oooooo, I'll get you back for this." (Sighs as she leaves) "Well Mother, I hope he's better than the last one that was 'perfect' for me......"
Adora: (watches them go, says half to herself) "Next time dear, listen to me and ACT like a Lady." (Thinks) "I think marriage might actually do that girl some good, if it would EVER happen....."

Comments (4)

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

i like that you could sorta "pick" who comes to your door during that scene..of course assuming you did all the role quests, you could choose from any of the NPC's from those quests
was a neat little addition!

great work anna!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great reads on all the parts Anna.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

When I did it, I had only done the healer one, so just saw one person.

Thanks Klaus. Nice to see some people still read them, but like I said, the counts have been terribly low, even for this one. the 3rd part only has 30 views and the 2nd one like half that, sigh.

I really don't know if it's worth bothering with anymore.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

if you write for yourself...and your own satisfaction...keep doin it!!

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