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The Ditzy Blonde is back!


That's right people, for all you Annabel lovers out there, your favorite darling ditzy blonde is back! And for all you Annabel haters out there, the annoying, opinionated, ditz of a blonde is back, aren't you HAPPY? HA!

(I KNOW they secretly are! ;-) )

Yeah, if you read my last post back in May, I said I was going to take a break from the game and THIS time I ACTUALLY stuck to it! :O

I was gone almost two months. I was going to come back the first week of August but decided to make it a week earlier for well.......reasons!

It's funny though, unlike the other times I tried to take a break; this time it was much easier to stay away. Why? A number of things.

One- summer: I have been very busy with outdoor work, you know, BIG yard. But with no rain in a long time combined with high heat, and the growth rate has slowed down a LOT, so less work to do. Plus all the other outdoor stuff one tends to do in summer.

Two- delayed patch: As everyone knows, no patch till Aug. When I left, I really had nothing I wanted to do in the game, so it was pretty easy to say; "ok, time to do other stuff."

Three- dead Loadstone: I have been looking at the Lodestone here and there since I have left and it is a sad, sad shell of what it once was. Many of the regular posters are not posting right now and many of the ones that do post are just pictures, short sentences, and foreign posts, which you can't even READ! The interesting debates and discussions are gone.

All this combined made me decide to leave and take a break. And you know what surprised me? I found myself NOT missing it, especially the longer I stayed away. :O Before I would miss the game after only a few days and resub, but this time I didn't really care. I had other games to play, games where I did not grind the same thing over and over, that were new and fresh. It was a nice feeling I have to say.

As for my blogs, I know many of my fans have left the game right now and my view counts were low because of it, not to mention comments on my stuff. I found no reason to stay subbed just for my blog like I did before. Sure, I missed writing my stories somewhat. But I rediscovered an old venue to express and practice my writing, which are online RPG forum games on the RPOL website. I used to do them a lot back in the old days but stopped a few years ago when I bought my house. I started them up again and am in 3 right now, Call of Cthulhu: Gaslight, Aliens RPG, and Savage Worlds. It gives me a good venue to write descriptive posts and develop characters.

But don't worry fans, I will continue writing up the MSQ recounts, Modern Girl, and maybe some other stuff too. I just don't know how many will actually still read them right now with so many gone. (But I REALLY need to get the main story of Shadowbringers finished so I can release the patch stories, which are done.)

So yes, I am back for the time being. How long I will stay who knows, I guess it depends on how much I am enjoying myself. ;-)

But hey, I will post my stuff and some will love it, some will hate it, and most won't give a damn one way or the other; just like before, right? LOL

Sigh, the life of social media. ;-)

ps: I found it VERY humorous that I was given the return bonus for only being gone a short time. ;p
Oh, and my house was STILL there! But I Still say demolition should NOT be turned off because of this covid stuff! Are new people NEVER going to get a chance to get a house?

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Delete Balance

Faerie (Aether)

Welcome back

Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

Hey girl hey!

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Welcome back love! ^^

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Welcome back Anna

Ryoko Orikasa

Louisoix (Chaos)

welcome back

Ham Jelly

Leviathan (Primal)

hey hey! welcome back :D

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)


Selaine Haurtefert

Faerie (Aether)

welcome back!

AS for the demo timers. Once they turn them back on, I expect it to be nuts in the wards a month later like it was last year when the turned them back on.

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

I love your content. Keep us posted!
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