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Faerie (Aether)

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Awesome Blonde struck down by cruel fate!

So I did my second run of the Puppet Bunker last night and this little blonde ditz was AWESOME!

First fight, NO deaths!
Second fight, NO deaths!
Third fight: NO deaths!
Fourth fight: NO deaths
Fifth fight: NO deaths!
Sixth fight........Was a load of CRAP!

I was soooooo close to having a PERFECT run, but fate was a cruel, cruel mistress. I died with the boss at 3 percent, THREE!!!!!

God Damn it! That was some SEROUS BULL! GRRRRRRR!

Honestly, I highly doubt that kind of luck will happen again. I was really in the zone for most of that raid run.. But ONE misstep and it ALL went to pot! WAAAAH!

On another note, got my second clear of Shiva Unreal this morning and ALMOST had the retelling clear tonight, but the party just could NOT do it. soooooo close though, like at 3% Honestly, they were moving around WAYYY too much for efficient DPS and NOT keeping her in the middle enough.

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Elaina Jackson

Twintania (Light)

Nah it be like that. It's like you be on a roll and then suddenly Death Crusade. Was like that when I did copied factory the first 6 times, the 7th saw that I died 10 times, and I kept being raised by the same healer from another group. When giving a person one comm isnt enough lol.

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

The title of that post made me smile, it read like an old-timey news headline.

"Awesome Blonde Struck Down by Cruel Fate! More on page 5."

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

it was a fun run anna!
im glad you came with..and yes..i finally got my tank gloves!!!
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