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Anna's M.I.N.E adventures: Ice Bitches and Whales

So tonight I was subbing for someone in a 50 EX MINE static. One of their healers was not available so I volunteered to go in their place. The fight was Shiva EX, the original, NOT the Unreal one, so I thought after doing so many unreal ones it would be interesting seeing the original 50 version at it's original difficulty.

So how did it go? Weelll not QUITE as easy as I expected it to be. I thought that people would know mechanics since the Unreal version was done often but that turned out NOT to be the case. Wipes were caused by hailstorm AND the bow, for it seemed people did not know to get out of it's path. Yeah, it took about a hour of failures to clear her but we DID manage to do it.

Yours truly of course did NOT mess up since I do so many Unreal Shiva's, so I knew what to do. I also went in as AST instead of WHM to practice it and it was good practice too. I finally learned how to do the cards correctly to trigger divination. I also still say AST is better then WHM in the hands of a skilled player because of its versatility, but I love WHM too much to change.

So Icy Bitch was defeated and the group was cocky, they wanted to do another primal. Since they were progressing to 60 ones, they chose space whale because of how easy he is......

Um, yeah......easy.....This also turned out NOT to be the case. For you see, Space Whale might be easy in normal EX mode synced, but this was MINE, and it turned out that when you have to do mechanics, this fight can be a REAL bitch!!!!

When you do mechanics in this, you have to pay attention to the weather patterns and know what to do for EACH one or you can mess up. You also have to watch for the color buffs of the two snakes and know which one to fight at the right time since they switch around. Oh, and THEN there is the whale itself and going on it. Not only do you have to get OFF of it in time to keep from falling to your death, you have to know when NOT to get on it in the first place! This is because one gets a debuff that damages you a LOT the lower the timer is on Space Whale's back. So one needs to WAIT for it to go completely away before you can get back on him. So NO rushing to get to that corona to try and kill him!

Oh, and healing this MINE level is a REAL pain, sooo many AOE's and damage everywhere, BLEH! I did it again as AST and the shields were a big help as was the divination buff.

Even through we did this at the last minute and blind, we still managed to clear him in about a hour of trying, so not bad. So see, he IS truly one of the easier EX primals you can do, even MINE level.

So now I have two MORE EX fights I can add to the list of original difficulty clears, YAY!

Next up, who the hell knows! I would REALLY like to try Thornmarch EX MINE to see what those little Moogle bastards can REALLY do.

Comments (3)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I swear to God, you put the word 'bitch' in a title and it gets a ton of views, sigh.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

moogles at mine is fun...but can be frustrating because someone always kills one of the moogles too early XD
Ramuh EX at Mine will be a good time too! collecting them orbs and whatnot
be sure to also try ODIN at mine...father will show you what true power is! mwahaha

Good luck anna!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I have actually done Thornmarch synced back when 70 was the max, so I have seen the mechanics needed to win. And yeah, it can be REALLY tricky to time the kills so the moogles all die at once, and you have to do it THREE times!

I missed the Ramuh EX one, they did it before the Shiva one. I believe it took them 2 full sessions to do it.

Ugh, Odin. Honey, synced was BAD enough! I did that back in the old days when 60 was max level, so I was pretty close to MINE level. ;-)
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