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Anna's M.I.N.E.adventures: Crystal Tower: WoD


Last Wednesday was the last of the Crystal Tower raids, the world of Darkness.

Now for those that have done WoD, you know how much of a pain in the ass it can sometimes be even today. People STILL die and can possible wipe on some of the bosses in it. SInce the difficulty is higher, I was worried that doing it MINE might be a REAL bitch to do.

Well......that turned out NOT to be the case.

Surprisingly, the various fights were pretty much what you saw if you did it normal, just longer with more dealing with mechanics. And speaking of mechanics, I really did not see any new ones, they were the same things as normal, just more of them since it took longer to kill the bosses.

And speaking of killing, the group was SO efficient in DPS that I was told we actually SKIPPED mechanics like the worm in Cloud of Darkness. MANY people were sad about that and wanted to fight it. lol.

I will not do a recap of individual fights in this one since there was nothing new to tell about like the other fights. Also there were NO wipes in this one like the others too, which really surprised me. And yes, I DID die, once on the first boss and once on the second. BAH!

All in all, it was a fun time but ultimately a bit disappointing that there was nothing new to see like the other ones and the crazy wacky that entailed.

One BIG plus though is that since the event had come out that day, I suggested that we run the raid in the chicken outfits and most people DID it! YAY! It was SOOOOOO funny see all those chickens running around fighting.

If I remember, I will attach a pic to this that was taken at the end of the fight. I forgot to download it.

So the 50 raids are ALL done now, MINE style! Nest week will be the 60 raids MINE. Will they be any different? I hope so. It would be nice to see some new stuff, we will SEE! ;-)

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