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Annabel's thoughts: Time and Youth


I recently read on the FF14 forums that there is someone who has over 24 alts, many that are over level 50, and many of them have finished the MSQ up to the end of Heavensward.

That just floored me. You mean there is someone out there that spends THAT much time on Alts on the game? WHY? Oh, I am sure they would say 'RP reasons' or something along those lines, but still, THAT much.....time.....playing a silly game....

One of the greatest folly's of the young is their total blatant disregard of Time. They don't seem to understand and realize how bad this is.

Time is the greatest commodity one has in their life and one of the most finite. Everyday a set amount slips away from you never to return. Your total amount to work with is unknown, everyone is different. Most have many decades, some less so. Some go to their 90's, some only to their 50's and some don't make it out of their teens or 20's. It's all different, all random, all determined by fate and lifestyle.

It has been said a lot; the older one gets the more one realizes how valuable Time really is. This is most likely because you see how little of it you have left and want to try and make the most of it.

The young though don't think like this. Why? Well they are YOUNG silly! They look ahead and see a loooong path before them. Eighty, ninety years seems like an eternity, so much time to use! But is that REALLY true?

Not really. Why? Many reasons.

First, one simply does not know HOW much time they actually have. One can die anytime, anywhere. You could die today in an accident, because of a health issue. because of bad luck. you just DON'T know! Luckily people tend not to think of that, if they did it would probably drive them crazy. ;-)

Second, even young, your time is valuable. Just because you have a lot of it to look forward too does NOT mean it is a good idea to waste hundreds or thousands of hours in games. USE that young time to better yourself for your upcoming adult life!

Youth gives a LOT of benefits that adults lose as they age. What are they?

Youthful attractiveness that allows one to attract a mate better. Everyone wants the youthful looks and it's easier to meet and try out many different people to find the right one to form a successful relationship with. Barring that, hooking up is FAR easier with that magical 20's number. ;-) Face it, after 30 it becomes a LOT harder!

Youthful vigor and strength to allow one to do tasks easier which involve stamina and endurance. It's a lot easier to travel and see the world when one is young and has tons of energy.

A more pliable mind keen to learn new things. It is FAR easier to learn new skills and abilities when one is young. Plus adding in the vigor and stamina gives one even more options for development.

These are just some of the things youth gives. But sadly, many young people don't take advantage of it because of wasteful pursuits, and electronic devices are a HUGE reason.

You name it, phones, tablets, computers, consoles. they have taken over the lives of many young people, (and many older TOO!) keeping them entranced, sucking up their time, preventing them from using said time for better things.

Yes, I can JUST hear the indigent game lovers and Annabel haters just frothing at the mouth waiting to say: "But it's MY life you stupid Blonde Ditz! I can do what I WANT and you can go to Hell you old bat!"

Sigh, yeah yeah, same old excuse; "it's MY life, I will live it the way I want to live it."
But let me just say, just because you CAN do it, does that mean you SHOULD do it?

Hear me out. do you REALLY want to look back on your youthful days and have memories of doing nothing but sitting day in and day out in front of a screen doing mindless tasks for hours over and over that do NOTHING for you? Playing a game that is old and long forgotten 10-20 years later. Is THAT how you want to remember your days of old?

Being older, I am sure I have had a totally different young lifestyle than kids today. I had one of playing in the neighborhood, venturing in the woods and around town on mini adventures, doing things with people making RL friends.

The way things are now, I know it is harder, but it can still be done if you try. But I know the allure and 'siren songs' of electronics and games are just too enticing to some. Things like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite suck people in like crazy. Hell, my son is crazy about Roblox, which is annoying and I try to restrict him and get him to do other things instead of letting a screen babysit him.

It really depends on the willpower of people to resist them, some do, some don't. And if one does not, their youthful time goes bye bye, never to be seen again.

You might think I am against fun, but I am not. There is nothing wrong with electronic fun in MODERATION! Limit that use, police yourself, realize what you are doing and STOP doing it. Try to make better use of that youthful time!

Better yourself for the future! Make wonderful memories that you can look back upon when you are 30-40 years older. And above all, don't end up lamenting that you wasted your younger days doing mindless tasks that gave you nothing to your future self.

Believe me, coming from someone who IS older than you, you WILL regret it!

Use that time wisely while you still HAVE the time to use wisely. ;-)

Comments (6)

Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

Bold words coming from someone playing a character that looks like a child.

Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth [Primal]

Truly perspective. It's hard to judge or say what is right or wrong for an individual that chooses to play many hours. I know a person that is 70 years old that plays day an night. (I know your blog is about the youth playing but wanted to point that out) I know another person that is disabled - burned and paralyzed from serving his country... This game allows many people to reach out to anyone that wants their friendship.. I could go on and I won't. Try to see that side of it.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule Misa depending one one's circumstances. The one you described though is older and has lived his life, so is in the twilight phase. When one is older, they get kind of special 'retirement' pass for living a long life and are allowed to sit back and be totally lazy with their time if they want to be. Believe me, I look VERY forward to that. LOL

Some though it drives them nuts and they have to do SOMETHING productive, usually part time work.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Ha Ha Kupo, you funny!

As soon as I can scrape together money to get a fantasia. (IE: NOT spend it on 7-11 food), I will be back to my hot 20ish something blonde self. ;-)

When will that be? Who knows. I actually am still kind of liking 'Baby Annabel' and being soooo adorable.

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix [Light]

Often, I wonder if a lot of the young people get discouraged in real life, so they spend a lot of time in an artificial environment (ie game) where life is easy here and you are always a winner. I try to remove myself from the game by unsub. Eventually I come back when real life gets too tedious. But then what do I do when I am not playing video game, I find elsewhere to waste my time. A lot of things I do in real life is just not very productive.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

I hear you Sigurd. I won't lie, it can be hard to be productive in ones real life even if games are not involved.
Many things can make one unmotivated causing time to be wasted.

I personally just hate it when it happens to me and feel soooo bad that I wasted the day moping around. So I try to dedicate at least 2-3 hours a day of doing something I feel proud of, whether it's housework, yard work, learning something, or just making memories with my son. Just SOMETHING.
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