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Annabel's ditzy guide to Sephirot Unreal: Part 2


Part 2:

Well congratulations, you made it to the 3rd phase! Honestly, that's more than a lot of practice groups who can't get their act together seem to do, though it might be better now. Ok, let's get started!

First off Yesad, the mechanic you WILL grow to hate and lothe with your entire being! If you ever experienced Twisters in Twintania this is the same thing, though THIS time instant death happens under EVERY person, not just a few.

The idea with Yesad is to try and bait it when you can so all the eruptions happen in one area. Sometimes you can do this, a lot of times in the phase you can't. If you can't just try and remember where others were standing so you DON'T run where they were when Yesad goes off.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, I will tell you RIGHT now, it's harder to do this than you think with all the other shit happening at the same time. ;-) But you GOTTA learn how to do it or you will NEVER get through the phase 3 cycle. Why? Because my dear readers, Yesad happens a lot in 3rd phase, seriously, a LOT!!!!!

Second, Colors. Oh colors, colors, colors, how you are the bane of Saphriot newbies (and some veterans) everywhere.

For some reason, people have a hard time learning this mechanic. Ok, I shouldn't be TOO harsh on them cause to be honest, there IS a lot of crap going on during it. I will see if I can help you understand it better.

First off, after the first Yeshad you will get assigned a color, either Green or Orange. You will know which one by the buff on your buff bar. If you are Orange it will be a orange color with a X through it. If it is Green, it will be a green color with a kind of whiteish oval in it. See, NOT hard to know if you LOOK people!

After this happens Sephriot will then make 2 glowing balls on either side of the arena, green and orange. When this happens, just go over to the side of your color. If you don't you will die, so don't be lazy and DO it!

After this happens, pillars will appear,. The Oranges need to go INTO these pillars, 2 each to soak them. One is good enough, 2 is better, just have SOMEONE in each of them or it is a wipe!

Greens, do NOT go in the pillars, you WILL die! You should be headed to the front of Sephirot to prepare for the next mechanic which is tethers.

Oh tethers, the 2nd thing in colors people seem to screw up most on. But this will help you out!!

First off, Orange players will each get tethered. Green players need to TAKE these from the Orange players or the poor Orange's will die! Greens take these and be at the front near Sephirot. Oranges are in the back away from Seph. While all this is going on, green puddles are growing taking up most of the arena except the front and back, which is luckily where both groups are standing!

After a while the puddles go poof and the Towers appear again. Oranges need to get to them QUICK to soak them. Pop sprint if need be. Then color balls appear again, just go to each of your live.

After that the towers will appear again, By then the color buff has worn off, so no one but the tanks go into the towers. If anyone else does, you WILL die! After that the color balls appear again, but since there is no color buff, you can stand anywhere. And that's the end of Colors.

Now, tether cheese....

Normally in a group, they will have what is called 'tether downtime'. This means that the melees that have the Orange buff can't attack since they are in the back of the arena during tethers and out of range.

But there IS a way to do 'tether uptime' so that the Orange melee's can get DPS in during tethers.

How do you do it? Simple; have the Green players in the front move as much left as they can, then the Orange melee's go to the right in the front as much as they can. If you do it right the Oranges won't take damage from the Green tethered players or the expending bubbles and can DPS to their heart's content.

Note: If you are a Orange healer or ranged DPS, you don't HAVE to do this. You can just go to the back as normal and still hit Sephriot. This strat is just to benefit Melee players who want to have uptime.

Saying all of this, let me tell you, it is kind of hard to do it right and easy to mess up on if you are not used to doing it. It will take some practice to get it right over and over.

After colors you have Earthshakers. One DPS and one healer gets them. Just drag them to the left/right corners so when they go off they don't hit others. Note: a Yeshad also goes off at this time, so watch for it and MOVE when it happens.

Da'at is next, this hits the main tank and 3 random players. You need to spread out to make sure the splash damage does not hit more than you. It's not hard to do if you remember to spread. If you don't? Well.....

Then more towers show up, just as before, tanks take each one and ONLY tanks. Then another green/orange ball comes, just heal through it and you'll be fine.

Now the FUN one, Pillar of Mercy. This one is a REAL bitch to do and will take MUCH practice to get it right.

First, blue knockback marker shows up and green puddles begin to grow. Before the marker goes off, bait the upcoming Yeshad in the middle of the blue then move SW to the edge to get knocked back into the safe area the puddle is NOT at! Then another blue knockback marker appears so you do it again, get knocked back East to safe area with no puddle. Then you do it a THIRD time getting knocked back to the SW. Yeah, MUCH knocking back and sooooo easy to screw it up and get knocked off the platform. Like I said, it takes practice to get it right. I know you can do it. ;-)

Then the other mechanics repeat again. Earthshakers, Da'at, Towers, and Green/orange balls. Just do like you did before.

After the G/O balls, you need to go right in FRONT of Saphirot to prepare for the HUGE knockback he does. If you do not do this you probably WILL get knocked off the platform. But hey, at least now you can actually get rezzed now if you fall off! ;-)

After this the 3rd phase add phase starts and Storm of Words appears. This thing MUST die as quickly as possible, so focus on it! If you don't kill it fast enough, you will blow the run. Also, the adds from the 1st phase will also appear and the tanks need to take them while everyone else deals with SoW.

While all this is going on, another Green/Orange ball combo comes and does raid wide damage. Remember, this damage happens when the adds are dying too, so you have lots and LOTS of damage going off at once here, so healers better give everything they got and THEN some to have people survive! Oh yeah, did I mention there is ALSO a Yeshad to dodge AND towers for tanks to need to stand in WHILE tanking those adds? Yeah, this part of the phase is SUCH a bitch to do since sooooo much is going on.

Once all the adds are dead and another Yeshad goes off, Sephirot casts Pillar of Severity. This is when you NEED what the storm left when it died. When the marker appears, get to it as fast as possible to dodge the arm sweep. If you don't it is instant death for you.

Once this ends the WHOLE phase repeats exactly as before, first with Yeshad, then Colors, then the rest of the craziness, all the way up to Pillar of Severity. Just do the same mechanics and you will get through it all.

After the second Pillar, Sephirot will do his Enrage, wiping the party. You will have a little time to get more damage in, but if you don't have him in the 0.* by the time the enrage starts, you ain't winning.

The DPS check for this is sooooo tight that if you have more than a few deaths, you most likely ain't going to win. It does not help that you can't really DPS Saphriot much doing the 3rd phase add phase since you are so busy with the adds, so you gots to give it your all before then.

Other things:

Some groups usually try to save the LB3 for the Storm to kill it quick, but not always. My clear group did not do this and saved it for Sephirot himself using a melee LB3 on him near the end. Honestly, that probably helped us get the clear.

A lot of the time the LB3 is used for healer raising. But if that happens, it's a failure cause you won't have had the DPS to beat the end check. So if it gets to the point to have to use the healer LB3, the fight is probably lost. But hey, at least get some prog practice on mechanics.

Many serious groups also use stat potions to improve their DPS to have enough for the check. Our clear group did this and it really helped push us over the edge. Without them we were ending up with about 0.4 to 0.8 at the end of the fight, which really sucked!

We also did NOT use the Tether uptime cheese strat. I actually did not find out about this strat until after I cleared it. It probably would have helped.

Remember, this fight is about the equivalent of about a tier 1 or 2 savage fight and kind of requires savage like tactics to win. Like I said, you CANNOT be carried though this, you need to pull your own weight and know what you are doing.

Well there you go, my Ditzy guide to Saphirot. I hope it helps you get better at the fight and maybe even get a clear.

Remember, I, a 55 year old Ditz of a Blonde who dies in easy dungeons was able to do this. So if my aged ass can manage it, you young whippersnappers can! ;-)

Good Luck!

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