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Raiding with the Steam Deck


Yes, still use the Steam Deck for playing FF14 from time to time and last weekend, I actually used it for an actual raid!

So I had to travel for a few days and took the Deck with me to play games. As our raiding is Sunday night. I did not want to miss the prog and told the group if they did not mind, I wanted to see how well I would do playing on Steam Deck. If I did badly, I would quit and they could find someone else.

So HOW did I do with something really, really hard?

I will admit it was NOT easy doing a hard raid like O12s on a small screen. It took a bit of adjusting to get used to it, but it got easier after about 30-40 min as I got more used to the tininess of everything. I also had to play FF14 through the Steam Deck OS as I had some issues getting the Windows load and FF14 to work right and I had no time to mess with it to find out what the issue was. (patch might have done something)

Well, we did well enough to make it to part 2, which honestly REALLY surprised people. They thought with me playing on the Deck we were going to have issues making it. They weren't wrong, I did have some mess ups while trying to adjust to raiding on the Deck. But like I said, I finally adjusted to it and was able to improve enough for the party to get through the door boss and onto phase 2.

So yes people, you CAN do hard raiding remotely on the Steam Deck! Portable raiding on the go, now people have NO excuse when traveling not to raid! LOL

Ok, yes, you can STILL have an excuse since you do need a good stable internet connection and a power source since FF14 sucks up the Steam Deck's battery power like a greedy little Bitch. But hey, just plan on having those things close by people! ;-)

And yes, I KNOW you can do it with a gaming laptop. But compare that heavy thing with the little Deck which you hold in your hands and is fully contained except for the power cable. (Trying to raid with a laptop track pad, UGH! NO thank you!)

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