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Even MORE games to play on Steam Deck now!

As many people are getting Steam Decks now and discovering the joys of having SO many games in the palm of your hand, I am here to tell you it just got better.

Yes people, now you have even MORE games to play on your Steam Deck thanks to Xbox Gamepass cloud gaming!

Wait, access to Xbox Gamepass games on your Steam Deck, really?

YES! Remember, the Steam Deck IS actually a portable computer with a Linux OS, and because of that, there IS a way to access gamepass cloud gaming through it.

I posted this in my old steam deck post, but decided to make a new blog so more people would see it. Just follow these instructions from Microsoft themselves.

Yes people, it DOES work! I did it and I have full access to my Ultimate Xbox gamepass account through Steam OS on my Deck now and all that cloud gaming has to offer; and MAN is it a LOT of games! :O

So, how good is it? Does it REALLY work?

Yes, yes it does, with some limitations.

First, had NO issues actually access the website where the games were listed, came right up. I tried a game I knew I has saves on, Wonder Labyrinth, and sure enough it came up showing my last save in the game. Loaded it and forgot I had stopped at a boss fight. LOL Well I figured things out and defeated the boss using the SD controls, which were fluid and gave no problems. The graphics on this are retroish so did not tax the Deck at all.

Next I tried Danganropa 3 which was new to me and no problem loading it on the Deck. Started right up and played for about 30 min till the first save point. As it is a visual novel type game, the Deck handled it with no problem through the cloud.

For the 3rd game I tried Dreamlight Valley, which I also had a save on. As it it is a little more graphicly intense, I wondered how it would do. As with the others, loaded right up through the cloud, found my saved game, and loaded with no issues. Graphics looked fine and I was able to play with no problems.

One thing I want to mention about cloud gaming and Steam Deck. As you are accessing the games over a network, you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT use the Steam Deck's sleep mode on them for any serious length of time!

Oh you can for about 15 min. I tested this and was able to resync when I turned the deck back on. The game was still there and it reconnected with no problem. But for longer periods, no go. If you awaken the Deck, you will see the game for a bit then Xbox Cloud gives an error that connection was lost and you have to go back to the main site page.

So, for cloud gaming, do NOT play any games which are hard to save or have ridiculous checkpoints. Save anywhere is your friend here! LOL

Oh, another thing. Be SMART in your selections please. Remember, you are gaming though the CLOUD over a NETWORK! High graphic intensive games are NOT going to do that great because of the compression needed. Stick to adventure, retro, or visual novel games, or those games which don't rely on super high end visuals for it's gameplay.

You will enjoy the experience MUCH more than trying to be foolish and streaming something like Halo Infinite Skip the super fancy games and physically have them on your hardware instead for the best experience.

So there you go, even MORE games to access! Well If you have an Xbox gamepass account. I will tell you, it is WELL worth the money if you have a computer. Soooooo many games on it, it makes me numb with indecision at times. LOL It's also allowed me to try so many games I would have never bothered with in the first place because of cost.

And the cost? Well, if you are new to it, I think you can still do the 'trick', which will allow you to get up to 3 years of Gamepass ultimate for about $180, which is CHEAP people for all you can access! I will not put how to do it here, but it is easy to search the net for how to do it. I think you can still do it, but I am not 100% sure since it have been a while since I did and my sub runs out in 2024. I will tell you though, I have EASILY gotten $180 worth of games out of it in the time I have had it so far.

God, soooo many games to play, who has time for FF14?
At least it's easy to play THAT on the Steam Deck too if you miss it. LOL
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