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How DARE you try and heal me!


Once again the FF14 forums don't disappoint.

Get this, there was a post in there about a healer main who is REALLY pissed off that um.......other people heal them........

I am NOT making this up! Someone ACTUALLY complained that other healers keep healing them and they wanted it to stop, that they were perfectly capable of taking care of and healing themselves.

I will admit, I thought I had seen it ALL on the cesspool that is the FF14 forums, but THIS one takes the cake! LOL

I would link the post, but sadly the OP deleted all of his posts on there, probably because he got REALLY reamed and laughed at for the absurdity of the thing.

I mean, seriously, WHY would you care who the hell healed your ass as long as you DID get healed? The OP cited autistic and anxiety issues as the reason why. Sigh, AGAIN with the 'mental' issues as an excuse to be a total ass in the game.

Look, I know it's not nice to make light of a person's issues, but I am soooo TIRED of them using said issues as a crutch to make silly and insane demands of others.

People, the world does NOT bow to YOU, you need to adapt to it and LEARN to cope with things in a way that will work with your lifestyle. It's called being an ADULT! Many autistic people learn to do this and have better lives for it. Just please, STOP with the demands and LEARN to work with others!

If you do need something special done, ask NICELY and POLITELY; you just might be surprised that people will accommodate you.

For the above example; a simple, "may I ask that you don't cast any direct heals on me, I have a thing about wanting to heal myself without assistance." I am sure many healers would accommodate them. Hell, I would be GLAD to work less! LOL Of course the AOE heals will probably still hit them, but hey, that's life!

Sometimes I just wonder WHY those kinds of people even choose to play in a multi person game if they can't cope very well with playing with others and working as a group.

But it is what it is and we FF14 players sometimes deal with it time and time again.

Sigh, it makes me wonder why I bother playing with others on this silly game!

Oh who am I kidding, it's the outfits! ;-)

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Bear Ironfist

Faerie [Aether]

I used to correct summoners who would try to help heal

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Healing, maybe not, but ressing? YES Please!!!!!! ;p
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