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Brayflox LongSMASH

Long time no....uh....update? We'll go with that. Update.

I'm 33 now, would probably be higher if I hadn't been sick and busy this week. I stalled out just after unlocking Brayflox's Longstep dungeon, and hadn't had the time or energy to run it until tonight. I had watched some videos beforehand to get a feel for the dungeon, but it really was a smooth ride with the group I had. At least two of us were new to the dungeon, and the third guy pretty much led us through. No wipes, just one death, and we even got some good loot. I was surprised; I had heard that Brayflox was the first ramp up in difficulty. I guess as a DD, I have it easy. Mina Gom was a rockstar tank, and thanks to Kysiragi Arata for the tips and walkthrough. You guys're awesome.

I also got leatherworking to 30 and weaver to 22. Socketed some materia. Kinda stalled out though, on account of waiting on leve timers. I suppose I could just grind out recipes and sell the results, but I'm not quite that dedicated to the craft.

I guess I have Titan next? Not sure what's down the path yet, or when I'll have time to get to it. My husband rolled a character on Cactuar with me finally, but he's gone this week and won't be playing. I look forward to guiding him through the intro dungeons.
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