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The Dark Side of Duty Finder

I had an enjoyable day today wrapping up both Tam Tara and Copperbell Mines. the only hiccup I encountered was a tank by the name of Gforce Ifrit. He was a great tank, kept hate really well, didn't do anything out of line. Until he bagged two items from a coffer chest and then dropped party. You, sir, are slime.

We went on to win, without you, and I even bagged a Foestriker's Tabard. But you, Gforce Ifrit, are still slime. Why did you even bother going? For the items? That's a real dick move, and I think you know it. Kids be kids, after all.
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Triela Rial

Sargatanas (Aether)

I feel for you... I hate when people do stuff like that. I did my fist dungeon last night using duty finder and luckily ended up with a great group. I hope your future experiences are much more pleasing and the loot plenty!

Solace Dono

Diabolos (Crystal)

As a tank myself i would never do that, those types are greedy and scrubs. I finish out my dungeons and do my best to do my job as a tank. They make us look bad.

Casca Midlander

Cactuar (Aether)

Yeah, once you start something, you finish it, simple as that. With the exception of lagging the hell out and being forced against your will to quit because your PS3 froze >.<

Altayre Flux

Cactuar (Aether)

Thanks for the comments, all. I agree, you follow through on what you start. No question. Loot whores like that get my goat every time.

I was looking for a way to contact him directly, but I don't see any public wall feature or anything to warn other players about him. I guess all I can do is resort to word of mouth. =D

Good luck to you all!
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