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If you give a mouse a piece of leather...

...he might ask for an iron ingot.

I've been too busy to queue for dungeons these last few days because of the weekend and Labor Day and all, so I decided to work on Leatherworking instead. I got her up to around 12 when I noticed I was starting to get items in my crafting log that I couldn't get at the merchant. Which is fine, no complaints. Iron ingots was the first culprit.

"Self," I thought, "you should get your OWN iron ingots, because the ones on AH are too pricy!" Good idea, me being self sufficient and all. So I dutifully looked it up, decided on Armorsmithing to craft my ingots, and started there. I wasn't too far in before I noticed I was buying stacks of ores from the NPCs like it was cool. So I decided to take up mining to support my ore needs.

I spent most of the night mining in Ul'dah before I was high enough to extract iron ore. I took it all back to the armorsmith place and got my armorsmithing up high enough to make iron ingots. I crafted up a stack of iron ingots and returned triumphantly to my leathercrafting guild. I crafted the items I needed iron ingots for, got a few levels.

Now I need brass ingots. From goldsmithing.
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I stumbled to something similar myself yesterday with leather crafting as well and found out that in other to craft everything you will need materials from different jobs. So being self sufficient is going to be one long journey to get the materials you need.

Arrbies Thesawce

Adamantoise (Aether)

make friends of other trades I hook my lads up and vice versa :D

Achi Hayashi

Brynhildr (Crystal)

I just noticed this today...I'm lvl 13 leatherworking. =/
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