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Garden Of Rainbows

GARDEN OF RAINBOWS (The Garden's Gates)
(K. Harukawa/B. Pangyatoy/G. Lemare)

Falling on the floor.
Falling on the bed.
Falling in my head.
Still falling.
Open up my eyes.
Open up the skies.
Open up a dream.
And waiting...

I'll be, I'll be,
I'll be on my way.
I'll be on my way
To your Garden of Rainbows
Where I'll stay.
Waves of happiness,
No more loneliness
And the Fae bring the life
To my dream again.

I live for life!
I live for your love!
I live for life
And the night that is waiting!

And I see you here,
And I see you there,
See you everywhere.
A par-ty!
Jumping up and down,
Spinning all around,
Bouncing like a clown like
O! M! G!
Lots of tasty treats!
Lots of stuff to eat!
I could never sleep!
L! O! L!
What a happy day!
What a happy way!
Not a single drop of sorrow!

Now I start to dance,
While I'm holding hands,
Like I was in France,
Such a happy feast,
Falling to my knees,
Ezel, could you please,
Please carry me!?
An Lad and Tyr Beq,
I'm in love with you,
I appreciate all you do,
So I sing this song,
Won't be very long,
You could do no wrong tomorrow!

Morning will arise,
I'll say my goodbyes,
But I'll be back, just wait and see,
Lyhe Mheg's ever waiting...
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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

Song Notes:

Passed over some elements of the tribute to Feo Ul called "My Fae Bae, She Melts Me!" to her subordinates Tyr Beq and An Lad. See for comparison:

Georgette Lemare

Jenova (Aether)

Additional song notes:

"regale" in French means "feast", "banquet", etc. Seems you cannot be bored in Lyhe Mheg. Thus was I insistent on adding such a touch to this piece.
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