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The History Of The Skyrise Three

Stewarding the pomp and pageantry of the Skyrise Celebration held in that cathedral of artisanal artisanship known as the Firmament in Ishgard are three mascots. But these are more than mascots. They are gods. They are Mighty Moogle, Chirpy Chocobo and Perky Piggy. Together they are the Skyrise Three and each of these bastions of funliness have a rich and merriment-filled backstory.

The history of Mighty Moogle is a tale rich in kupo nuts, malodorous mischief...and a tale forged in the ways of the gentlemen sworn to House Manderville of Ul'dah. It is said that before Mighty Moogle was born out of a mallow on this star in the Churning Mists, he was a Midlander manservant answering to Lord Godbert and his son, Inspector Hildibrand and Hildy's Miqo'te wife, Nashu Mhakaracca. But he longed for more than just seeing to patrons at the Gold Saucer, dealing out winnings at the Triple Triad tables and sweeping the floors of Event Square.

He longed for the thrill of adventure and one day, this magnificent manservent resigned from his post to become a Clan Centurio hunter. He would spend moons adventuring for gil and seek an officer position with the Immortal Flames for his deeds of dering-do. But in a mission to help the moogles of Moghome in the Churning Mists, he lost his way...and was left for dead, cold, bloody, sweating...naked in just his smallclothes...until a chance meeting with one of the Pomguard sappers.

"Oh dear, you seem to not be so well kupo," said the moogle, named Mogimir. "We must spirit you away to Moghome where we can tend you back to health." So Mogimir and his assistants carried this heavy midlander back to Moghome, 69 malms away from where he fainted. Nice.
The manservant opened his eyes. "Ah, you've finally awaken. We thought you were lost to us kupo." It was Chieftain Moglin, handing the manservant some hearty Mogstew, made with fresh loaghtan chump. "Have some. It's very good kupo."
"Mmmmm," he said. "This is delicious. But I have no clothes, whatever am I to do? I cannot go out like this!"
"We have a solution." Out of nowhere popped a full moogle costume. "I see potential in you. By braving the cold elements like a Warrior of Light, I bestow you a special set of garments, so that you shall be among us. Arise and don these vestures kupo, so that the god Mighty Moogle returns as a mighty hero to mooglekind reborn kupo!"
"I guess I have no choice." So he wore the garments and instantly, his strength and swagger returned. "I am a man reborn. No, I am a moogle reborn kupo! I have never felt alive!" he exclaimed as he flexed Manderville-style.
"Excellent. I bear tidings from Ishgard, Mighty Moogle. You are to be a mascot for the forthcoming Skyrise Celebration, honoring the many artisans of Eorzea. You will be compensated richly and take residents in the manor of House Haillenarte for your efforts with two others. So go, Mighty Moogle, report to the Firmament and begin your residency as a mascot to the finest people kupo!"
"Yes, Chieftain Kupo!" And so, Mighty Moogle summoned his Fat Moogle to take him to Ishgard, accompanied by a convoy of moogles carrying the stuffed toys that artisans would make en route to the wain.


Before Chirpy Chocobo became the liaison for the wooly yaks of the Coerthas Western Highlands, she was an aesthetician understudy to Jandelaine de Dzemael. Chirpy lived and breathed hairstyles and modern aesthetics of all kinds. She was groomed to be a successor to Jandelaine one day and take on the honor of changing the appearance of every adventurer in Eorzea, a lucrative position that would make her well-heeled to the grave.
One day, as she was about to take in her first customer in Tailfeather (she had started out her career by owning her own salon in the outpost of the Dravanian Forelands), a big and burly big bird came to see her.
Chirpy opened the door. It was a Fat Chocobo. But...why? Why was this big bird here to see her? What was this all about?
In addition to her aesthetician abilities, Chirpy Chocobo, being a patron to wild and domesticated chocobos the realm over, was able to talk to animals and interpret their feeling into the tongues of man.
"Chirpy, I am a fat chocobo bearing news from Ishgard kweh kweh," said the fat chocobo, accompanied by a large wooly yak.
"What business in Ishgard?" Chirpy asked.
"The Skybuilders have offered an initiation to have you be a mascot for the Skyrise Celebration," he said. "You must leave your post here and head to Ishgard to report to the Skybuilders and Lord Francel! You will be compensated and have free room and board for your work!"
"Ah, sounds like a great opportunity to get some work done," said Chirpy. "Very well, I shall go!"
"Hope on board this yak and get going kweeeeh!" said the Fat Chocobo, as a yak that would be destined for shearing arrived. Chirpy got on the yak's back and together they flew southward for Ishgard.


Perky Piggy and her swinelings were, in reality, a clique of adventurers known for touring different instances across Eorzea and perhaps Norvrandt as well. But when they weren't doing adventuring, they were employed by Amh Garanjy at the Starlight Celebration or Aldiytha Thorne at Little Ladies Day. Where there were gifts to be distributed and memories to share, Perky and her swinelings were the Gifts That Keep On Giving.
Little did these porcine perfectionists knew that their biggest break would come. A shaggy shoat from parts unknown talked to Perky while they were inspecting Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre ahead of Hatching-tide. "Hello, Perky?" asked the shoat.
"Yes, what can I do for you, my dear?" she asked.
"I come with tidings from Ishgard. The Skybuilders are inviting you to come work at the Firmement and be mascots for the Skyrise Celebration. They also want you to come up with an event for the artisans who helped restore Ishgard to its glory. When you know what game you want to make, report to Ishgard and the Firmament and be prepared to work hard and play hard!"
"We will think of something. Thank you for telling us this!" said Perky, petting the shoat before it disappeared into the mist.
"So, my lovable swinelings, it's time for us to think of a game we will do during these Fetes," Perky said to the other three. Let's head to the Carline Canopy and think of what we want to do.
They spent two days planning the event, and in the end, the team settled on a toy hunt, with the winning mystery boxes yielding lucky toys in the form of stuffed toy gaelicats for the children. With the game plan in hand, the foursome took the airship bound for Ishgard.


Thus was the story of the Skyrise Three: Mighty Moogle, Chirpy Chocobo and Perky Piggy. Three adventuring heroes, in the service of the artisans of Eorzea, the Warriors of Light, the saviors of Ishgard, the finest of all heroes. By their deeds shall the Skyrise Celebrations be rendered a clear and ultimate success.
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