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So I made a post on FB about my FC situation and the topic kind of grew legs. It seems I'm not the only one thinking SE's game design runs completely counter to forming a great community. I wanted to repost that topic here in hopes that it's get more attention. Maybe somebody will even be kind enough to start a topic on the official forums with the same gripe.

"... My FC situation in the game sucks, frankly. Most active members of [my FC] have left for various reasons, quite a few of them stating that it's because we never do anything together. So I make attempts to schedule events, yet nobody reads the calendar, nor speaks up when I'm looking for people for those events.

So now we're to the point where it's an extremely rare occurrence that we even have enough people online to do ANY content, let alone 8 man dungeons, trials, or (gasp) CT. The incentives SE has added for folks to use the duty finder have worked out extremely well, unfortunately, because now everyone is queuing up solo for everything and so the pool of available LS people to do instances with has decreased to nearly 0 as well. This on top of the fact that the most exclusive content in the game (coil) is designed in such a way that it discourages running the instance with people outside of your static group.

Frankly the situation sucks. I hate logging in to a nearly empty mumble server, empty FC, and unresponsive LS (when it comes to anything important). I mean, I love the game, but the vastly solo experience is starting to make me not want to log in, and when I do I don't want to spend as much time in-game.

Compounding the issue for me is that SE has tied my hands in terms of recruitment by banning me from the official forums. I refuse to recruit by standing in town shouting for people. That method just seems like a good way to get more in-active folks and undesirable members in the FC than members who will stick around and get involved in the advancement of the FC. make the story short, the whole situation has me kinda depressed, and I'm not sure what I can do to fix it."

I wanted to include some replies, but the 3k character limit won't allow me to. Suffice to say, every reply is in agreement.
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Valia Rosa

Balmung (Crystal)

It's interesting... I have a member of my FC that complained he was being ignored (to the point that I checked to see if ppl could see my chat posts) but at the same time wasn't putting forth effort to participate. As I've told others in my FC, you get out what you put in. I have a casual, social FC so I guess that helps make it more fun in general. But even we are dealing with ppl coming and going. It can hurt. :(

Delenia Forcentis

Tonberry (Elemental)

It's tough to be the FC leader. You have to try and involve everyone in as you can, specifically if you are a big FC with 300+ people inside, managing them can become very tough.

Ultimately you have to put your foot down, and start setting goals. What is the long term vision of your FC? What sort of members do you want joining? Once you are able to gather like-minded people, the situation will hopefully improve.

Arcadius Moog

Lich (Light)

Honestly i think FC's are not needed in Final Fantasy.

Linkshells are better, ya no house but who cares.

All FC's sooner or later (end game) work as 8-man team and the rest of the FC is just a replacement if perhaps one of the 8-man team not around or good to level the FC.

So... ya... why not giving up your FC and make a big one better with your presence?

I think there are too many FC's out there anyway.


Hiir Noivl

Excalibur (Primal)

I'm sorry for your trouble, Molly.

Coil: Explain the issue to people who are wanting to do it but don't have a group. They should be joining PF, helping recruit people who would fill a static instead waiting for a static to be handed to them.

Recruiting: You can post recruitment messages in party finder. If someone is idle, put your recruitment message in PF.

Events and inactivity: Put up the nearest events on the welcome message and encourage people to use the calendar.
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