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Housing is frustrating and I am mad.

Warning this is a rant.

I have been playing this game now since the end of Heavensward. I have always wanted to have my own house for the game. I have spent days and multitudes of hours trying to get a house in FFXIV and have failed every single time. So when I hear that were getting housing plots in todays patch, I was excited and was looking forward to it. The main reason because there was no timers on the housing, and you could buy them immediately. So I stay up to be one of the first people to log on, which I expect it too be hectic and crazy. So I trying to log on at exactly 5 AM CST, but like many others there I could not log on due to everyone else trying to log on. I was just hoping and wishing I could log on in time.

I eventually log on and make it to the residential wards, and I see that some of the plots are open and I am really excited so I rush quickly as possible to lavenders beds to see if I can get it, but as soon as I get there the plots said it was not ready, which I thought it was odd since I thought there were no timers on the plots. So I go try my luck in the goblet because, well its the goblet. An I unfortunately receive the same problem and I am confused until I ask someone about it and they say that people will buy housing plots and just relocate them.

That whole idea pisses me. While I understand many players want there dream house, they are screwing players for many who want a house. However I am more frustrated that a game allows that kind of play in the first play. This is infuriating to me as a player who loves every aspect of this game and has been playing for quite some time, but unfortunately does not have the time to spend multitude of hours a day to try and buy a house. Relocation for housing needs to be fixed, because this is an insult to many players who want to enjoy housing in FFXIV.

TLDR: Pissed that people were buying housing plots and relocating resetting the timers and am calling out the developers for allowing a system that lets players take advantage of that.
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Myne Joestar

Famfrit (Primal)

I wish they would limit house 1 per FC, and add a lottery system, queue for those still dont own one. After working so hard getting the gil needed. I just gave up.

Vanth Hel

Ultros (Primal)

And IMO in the new wards, they had to do this to be jerks. My friend is trying to get a house now and same thing timers in every free home. I'm livid. I was lucky enough to grab my large, but I'm super frustrated for those of you who have to wait for timers because bored A holes decided to relocate there/but it and then leave....

Priya Dahlin

Zalera (Crystal)

I agree. Me and my friends in a FC saved up an over-kill amount of 30mil of gil for a small (yes, small) plot. We knew people were gonna relocate, so we stood back and allowed it so we could grab what they leave behind. However, we were upset to see (technically not see) that there is an invisible timer..

Once again, jerks find a loop hole and everyone gets screwed over by it. I don’t understand why they couldn’t disable relocating for the new wards. They know how crazy-competitive housing is!

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

I've also played for a long time and kind of dream of having a house one day, but my semi-disabled ass physically cannot sit in front of a computer long enough to have a chance of grabbing one.

Every time I wonder. Are the benefits of non-instanced housing worth this flaming hot mess? Considering how little people socialize in their neighborhoods, Imma go with HELL NO. This idea was good on paper, but is unworkable in practice.

Martennan Artilles

Coeurl (Crystal)

I'm a new player, but seeing how the housing market affects people, Lalli is very clearly correct. I like the neighborhood design, but it is *not* worth the cost of causing so much anger and disappointment, or worth leaving people to spend hours or days camped in front of a placard.

It's absurd and shameful that the devs have not implemented a solution to the underlying problem, instead of stopgap measures like adding more wards. I don't even want a house, but I'm mad on principle.
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