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The 4th Healer Class should be VAMPIRE!

Vampire for 4th healer! Imagine single target and aoe heals through damage to health conversion like nascent flash but used for healing? Marking your allies with vampire status would grant them a boost in performance like weaponskill, damage etc.

Gunbreakers are a great class because they feel like a dps even though they're a Tank. I think that the developers can use this concept to create the next healer. Some people don't like using healer because the style doesn't suit them. People don't like to play a class where they don't feel the groove. For instance, the closest healer to a dps was the scholar with the DoT but now they took a backseat leaving whitemages to pick up after them. I stopped playing as any healer unless it's absolutely necessary. So I think the new healer should take que from this. To stay motivated in using one of the most important class is a big deal. I don't understand how the folks in charge of creating the jobs haven't gotten this taken care of.

We need a healer that gives us a similar feeling to gunbreaker-exlcuding the dumb combat stance. A healer that's focus on dealing damage and through the many variation of vampire effects that converts damage to health, the healer can focus on dealing damage without having to actively toss a heal to the other players. While the blood marks will heal and give boost only through the individual's performance. The higher your dps the more consistent your healing would be I can totally see blood manipulated to be used for fighting and for healing.

It should focus mostly on close range melee with a good amount of long range to make up for the casting aspect. Since vampires have tough bodies and are literally immortal they can use this concept to reinforce their combative prowess while letting the curse marks do the healing for them simply because THEY are the master. I'm thinking of a class with a fighting style similar to a monk and a dark knight. Monk for the vampire brute power fighting style imbued with some kind of blood magic where upon the vampire's attacking will boost the other players healing potency. Then drk's wide aoe blood conversion like abyssal drain that would absorb the health of mobs to deal an aoe heal. Blackest night type of skill once it's casted on someone it would work kind of like adloquium but when the barrier pops there will be a splash heal near anyone around the player. The closer the players are to the ones that got their cherry popped the more potency.

Also this energy/power transfer concept should work similar to noctis or regis granting power to people within their domain or service. The closer they are to the vampire healer the stronger their combat and their healing works..the further they are the less potency? Its not just about the simple mechanic of being out of the radius of where the skill would work but rather it's being IN the radius but near the edge that would make the vampire heals and buffs less effective.

Well this was fun. Imagine my character running around biting people LOL

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