Yuyuki Nanaki

Of the Golden Leaf

Faerie [Aether]

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Just something I want to say...#17

If within 10 seconds everyone except for you die after a match starts in CC..just leave the match. You might be thinking..30 minutes penalty is long but trust me this will hurt your soul. You might think.."hah! i don't care! im only here for the rewards by participating" but later on tonight when you look at yourself in the mirror your face will start turning into a leech. This turning of a blind eye will rot you from within.

Most want a fun time and even if they're not pvpers they still try to do decent enough to win and even if they lost they might've did okay in the match to offset the result in the mind. This happens to everyone and it's the right mindset. However..what if not 1 or 2 but the other 4 are throwing the match while you tried to make a difference? It takes longer than 10 seconds for the chain to break and it didn't even get past the first phase yet-thats a huge flag that your team is throwing. So when they're all dropping like flies within seconds after the match start LEAVE. You won't receive participation rewards or whatever...but you'll atleast be able to keep your pride as a decent player intact. Ah 30 minutes is up? Nice time to log back in.

Just something I wanted to say..
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Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth [Primal]

hahahahaha... this is cute.

It is annoying for sure when your stuck with a group of people that don't try and only there for the daily rewards. You get wrecked by premade cells and veteran frontliners. It's all good.. Build character right? Teaches you to be more patient right?

WRONG.. makes me ANGRY asF but that's the life of a solo pvper.

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